Reblogging a Blog

This week I am cheating! I am reblogging a blog! Well not quite, I did provide some of the raw data for the following blog on behalf of Audio Network Australia. Jess Ossington transformed my responses to her questions into a very readable article and I wanted to share some of their article with you. Real Instruments, Real Stories What if I … Read More

A Civilised Charm

As the sun melts the snow in the surrounding Cambridgeshire countryside I thought I would see what the internet has to offer regarding the history of Lichfield. In 1776 Dr Samuel Johnson took his friend Boswell to Lichfield to show him “genuine civilised life in an English provincial town”. The description still rings true today, for although Lichfield has grown considerably, it … Read More

Red Letter Day

I have just used the term Red Letter Day on my Facebook account to announce the fact that my new style website goes live today. After I pressed send I realised that I did not truly know why we use the term. So I looked it up and found to my surprise that it has a very interesting history. According to … Read More

How to Build a Great Venue

As I prepare to perform Bela Bartók’s Concerto for two pianos and percussion with my esteemed colleagues Janet Fulton, Noriko Ogawa and Philip Smith I am reminded of the time when I performed this piece with Sir Georg Solti. This video clip is a documentary of a very early performance of the Bartók with Sir Georg, older video’s like this … Read More

‘Just Listen’ in 3D!

Happy New Year, January for me is often an extremely busy Month. However I also appreciate the return to normality and the quiet after the Christmas celebrations. If I have the chance I like to try and take time, before the business of touring begins, to get my head around the schedule for the forthcoming year. I have been told … Read More

Mummy, I want a drum for Christmas

When your child asks for a drum for Christmas – rather than run a mile! Consider this, Prim by Icelandic composer Askell Másson Image: My first snare drum and practice pad Please follow and like us:

Letter to Santa

When I was a child I wanted a musical instrument for Christmas. Now I am an adult I would like every child to have the opportunity to play and hopefully enjoy music regardless of culture, ability, crede or social circumstances. Have a look at all the things I get up to on my YouTube channel. So please Santa do your best despite the … Read More

What Pops Your Cork?

It is a glorious day here in Cork, Ireland. The sun is shining and I am feeling great! I hope you are experiencing this wonderful weather so late in November and that you are able to feel the warmth of the sunshine on your face before it disappears for the day. Corcaigh (the Irish spelling for Cork) is thought to be … Read More

What picture is my body painting?

In response to a question from Lisa in Sweden who mentioned that she is currently doing a photo documentary project at a church involving many shoots of musicians and also listeners attending the services and events. Lisa said “If you have any thoughts on how to really show the making of music and the act of listening in photography I’d … Read More

My Life in a Plastic Bag

Here I am again at Heathrow airport I have been debagged, checked in and now I am eagerly awaiting for that final degradation of going through security. As I stand patiently waiting for all my possessions to be scanned and viewed by people who I have never met and the possible additional delight of being frisked, I look down at … Read More