The range of Sabian Cymbals is unlimited. Evelyn has her own range of ‘Glennie’s Garbage’ Sabian Cymbals.

Promark Drumsticks

Evelyn has her own range of Promark Mallets and Sticks, available here


Adams craftsmanship is excellent. Evelyn endorses a wide range of instruments made by Adams.


“The distinctive sound of the Glennie Aluphone and its extensions is a favourite in Evelyn’s sound world.”

Choose from the Glennie Concert, Standard, Piccolo, Bass, Travel, High and Low

Evans Heads

Evans Heads are reliable and powerful. Evelyn uses a wide range of Evans Heads.

Grover Pro Percussion

The quality of craftsmanship in Grover’s products is second-to-none. Evelyn uses a variety of Grover Pro Percussion instruments.

Black Swamp Percussion

Evelyn uses a selection of Black Swamp Percussion instruments. “Not only is the sound of all Black Swamp instruments remarkable, the craftsmanship is of the highest quality.”

Grip Peddler

“I highly recommend Grip Peddler. They keep my feet well secured on the pedals.”

Toca Percussion

Evelyn recommends the myriad of instruments made by Toca Percussion.


“The light weight practice foot pedals made by HansenFutz are ideal for home and travel use.”

Steinberg | Creativity First


Other Brands Include:

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