Talking Heads

Two snare drums having a chat in a sunny auditorium. The little one said “I really like this room. It is nice and bright.” The big one said “Might be OK now, but later on you’ll get your head bashed!” Please follow and like us:

Mummy, I want a drum for Christmas

When your child asks for a drum for Christmas – rather than run a mile! Consider this, Prim by Icelandic composer Askell Másson Image: My first snare drum and practice pad Please follow and like us:

What picture is my body painting?

In response to a question from Lisa in Sweden who mentioned that she is currently doing a photo documentary project at a church involving many shoots of musicians and also listeners attending the services and events. Lisa said “If you have any thoughts on how to really show the making of music and the act of listening in photography I’d … Read More