Below is a sortable and searchable list of the works Evelyn has commissioned throughout her career. Publication details are stated in accordance with our most recently held records. Due to the rapidly changing structure of the music publishing industry we cannot guarantee that pieces are still held (or solely held) by the people indicated.

Image: © Richard Ecclestone

* Items marked with an asterisk were commissioned as part of the 50 for 50 project – a collection of new 50-bar works for solo instruments in celebration of Evelyn’s 50th birthday.

Howard, DaniThe Wizard of Menlo ParkPercussion ConcertoComposer2024
Philips, JulianA Series of
Strange Encounters
Marimba + Wind QuintetComposer2023
Ho, VincentNostalgiaRecital (vibraphone + piano version)Promethean Editions2022
Chang, DorothyFragilityDuet (percussion + cello)Composer2022
Astapov, EugeneTiny Shattered PiecesDuet (percussion + electric violin)Composer2022
Stafylakis, HarryIncinerateConcert piece (percussion, violin, cello + piano)Composer2022
Etxebarria, Aitor Gernika 85Concert pieceComposer2022
Ní Ríain, AilísRevelling and ReckoningConcert pieceComposer2022
Jarman, JillAcross the Divide (Concert Piece for double bass & percussion)Concert pieceComposer2022
Jarman, JillThe Language of BellsConcert pieceComposer2021
Goss, StephenThe Lake of Time Duet (marimba + theorbo)Composer2020
Kamran InceCikirikcilar HillPercussion ConcertoComposer2019
Assad, ClariceAd Infinitum Percussion ConcertoComposer2017
Daniel, OmarSTELCODuet (percussion + piano)Composer2017
Bell, Allanlittoral/liminalSoloComposer2017
Cohen, JacquesFire flySolo + stringsComposer2017
Wolf, Luna Pearl Entanglement Duet (percussion + cello)Composer 2016
Lindberg, ChristianLiverpool LullabiesDouble concerto (Trombone + Percussion)Composer2016
Antonioni, FrancescoVenusSoloComposer2016
Jarman, JillSounds of ScienceConcert piece/SoloComposer2016
Tower, JoanSMALLSoloComposer2016
Charke, Derek Tree Rings Duet (percussion + violin) Composer 2016
Veldhuis, Jacob ter Hi Ho HatSolo*Composer2015
Beamish, SallyWhisperSolo*Edition Peters2015
Daugherty, MichaelViva for XylophoneSolo*Composer2015
Palej, NorbertNatalesSolo*Composer2015
Hans, OlgaBass-DanceSolo*Composer2015
Boyer, PeterMini VibEtude in ASolo*Composer2015
Sierra, RobertoGüira y güiroSolo*Composer2015
Forbes, RonDance of the Methlick Garden GnomesSolo*Composer2015
Beeson, Sean50 for 50 TambourineSolo*Composer2015
O'Boyle, SeanBirthday CongaSolo*Composer2015
Ho, VincentSandman's CastleSolo*Composer2015
Alrich, AlexisRondorimbaSolo*Composer2015
Ho, Alice Ping YeeSparkling EGSolo*Composer2015
Koppel, AndersAnswerSolo*Composer2015
Másson, ÁskellFo(u)r MalletsSolo*Composer2015
Yi, ChenColors of NaoboSolo*Composer2015
Lang, Davidtouch not the catSolo*Composer2015
Wiseman, DebbieParty GamesSolo*Composer2015
Cuomo, DouglasQuaz-e-modoSolo*Composer2015
McGuire, EddiePrelude 24Solo*Composer2015
Ali-Zadeh, Franghiz (Frangis Ali-Sade) SiriusSolo*Composer2015
Keane, JamesPiece for DanceSoloComposer2015
Farr, GarethFifty Fifty: Leth-cheud - Rima tekauSolo*Composer2015
Wallace, StewartLincoln LogsSolo*Composer2015
Darbellay, Jean-LucFor ESolo*Composer2015
Jarman, JillRaindrops RagSolo*Composer2015
McLeod, JohnUn Momento di CompleannoSolo*Composer2015
Girling, JonathanIt's Not a GameSolo*Composer2015
Jenkins, KarlD_E_E_A_GSolo*Composer2015
Karpman, LauraTake TimeSolo*Composer2015
Bowden, MarkNinesSolo*Composer2015
Ptaszyńska, Marta The Twittering TreeSolo*Composer2015
Hindson, MatthewThe Accelerating Hi-HatSolo*Composer2015
Cheung, PiusUntitledSolo*Composer2015
Brouwer, MargaretRunning WildSolo*Composer2015
Chung, Yiu-KwongVariations on the Theme of Happy BirthdaySolo*Composer2015
Tovey, BramwellPart PieceSolo*Composer2015
Higdon, JenniferThe Grace of PresenceSolo*Composer2015
Bryars, GavinHalf-TimeSolo*Composer2015
Kats-Chernin, ElenaFiveSolo*Composer2015
Müller, FabianExtemporeDuet (percussion + double bass)Edition Fabian Müller2015
Wee, BertramDithyrambsSoloComposer2015
Ewazen, EricLarkspur and RubiesSolo*Composer2015
Daugherty, Michael Dreamachine - Concerto for Percussion & OrchestraConcertoMichael Daugherty Music2014
Müller, FabianClatterclankConcertoEdition Fabian Müller2014
Müller, FabianConcerto for Vibraphone and OrchestraConcertoEdition Fabian Müller2014
O'Boyle, SeanPortraits of Immortal LoveConcertoABC Music Publishing2014
Jarman, JillMindstream - Double Concerto for Percussion, Violin and Chamber StringsDouble concerto (percussion + violin)JRJ Edition2014
Wee, BertramTrench Songs with CrossfireDuet (2 percussionists)Composer2014
Hans, OlgaLet's PlayDuet (percussion + cello)Composer2013
Koppel, Anders Concerto for Aluphone, Marimba & OrchestraConcertoWilhelm Hensen2013
Morleo, Luigi Art No WarSoloMorleo Editore2013
Peters, RandolphMusicophiliaConcertoComposer2013
Bowden, Mark HeartlandConcertoComposer2012
Hans, Olga Entelecheia - Sinfonia Concertante for Percussion, Cello and OrchestraConcertoComposer2012
Ho, Vincent From Darkness to Light - A Spiritual JourneyConcertoPromethean Editions2012
Oesterle, Michael Kaluza Klein ConcertoComposer 2012
Sheppard, Philip Engine Block Solo + pianoComposer 2012
Wallin, Peter Space III - Beyond the Pleiades, Concerto for Aluphone and large String OrchestraConcertoComposer2012
Beeson, Sean; Brenton Dunnington; Stefan Podell,The Tale of the Bamboo PrincessSolo + pianoComposer2011
Darbellay, Jean-LucCosmosConcertoComposer2011
Phibbs, Joseph Bar VeloceConcertoComposer2011
Wolfe, Julia Iron MaidenSoloRed Poppy Ltd2011
Lang, David Stuttered ChantDuet (percussion + cello)Red Poppy Ltd2011
Ho, Vincent The ShamanConcertoPromethean Editions2010
Chung, Yiu-KwongEmporer QinPercussion (2) + orchestra (not concerto)Composer2010
Barrett, JamesToilers of the ElementsConcertoComposer2010
Ewazen, Eric Songs to the Banks of AyrConcertoComposer2010
Nobre, MarlosConcerto for Percussion No.2ConcertoComposer2009
Palej, Norbert Concerto for Percussion and Wind EnsembleConcertoComposer2009
Hatzis, ChristosMirage?Solo + orchestra (not concerto)Promethean Editions2009
Chung, Yiu-Kwong Concerto for Solo Percussion and Chinese Traditional OrchestraConcertoComposer2009
Ptaszyńska, Marta Drum of OrfeoConcertoComposer2009
Beeson, Sean; Lochstampfor, Adam Prometheus RaptureConcertoComposer2009
Corigliano, John ConjurorConcertoBoosey & Hawkes2008
Hatzis, Christos Tongues of FireConcertoPromethean Editions2007
Bernstein, Leonard (arr. Leon, Craig)Symphonic Dances from West Side StorySolo + orchestra (not concerto)Composer2007
Rosauro, Ney Concerto for Vibraphone and OrchestraConcertoPro-Percussao2006
Veldhuis, Jacob ter Barracuda ConcertoConcertoDonemus2006
Veldhuis, Jacob ter Barracuda SoloSoloDonemus2006
Hindman, Dorothy Tapping the FurnaceSoloComposer2006
Matthews, David Piano Concerto (Schumann)ConcertoFaber Music2006
Musgrave, Thea Two's CompanyDouble concerto (percussion + oboe)Novello2006
Hindson, Matthew Percussion ConcertoConcertoFaber Music2005
Simons, Marijn Concerto for an Odd CoupleDouble concerto (percussion + violin)Composer2005
Puts, Kevin Percussion ConcertoConcertoComposer2005
Sheng, Bright Colours of CrimsonConcertoBoosey & Hawkes2004
Lang, DavidLoud Love SongsConcertoSchirmer2004
Rorem, Ned Concerto for Mallet InstrumentsConcertoBoosey & Hawkes2004
Girling, Jonathan Long Lost SonSolo + choirComposer2004
Jenkins, KarlLa FoliaSolo + orchestra (not concerto)Composer2004
Beamish, Sally Trance o NichtConcertoScottish Music Centre2004
Trower, Terry Encore for EvelynSolo (great highland pipes) + orchestra (not concerto)Band Leader Productions2004
Turrin, Joseph ZarabandaSolo + wind bandComposer2004
Stucky, Steven Spirit VoicesConcertoComposer2003
McGuire, Eddie PrazdnikConcertoComposer2003
Heitzig, Steve Free!SoloStone Circle Music2003
Másson, ÁskellCrossingsDouble concerto (2 percussion)Editions B.I.M2002
Chilcott, Bob Follow the LeaderSolo + choirOxford University Press2002
Tüür, Erkki-SvenMagmaConcertoPeters2002
Jost, Christian CosmodromionConcertoComposer2002
King, Alistair The Games we PlaySolo + pianoChester Music2002
Woolf, Randy MissingSoloComposer2002
Horne, David IgnitionConcertoBoosey & Hawkes2002
Eckardt, Jason Reul na CoileConcertoComposer2002
Newson, George Both ArmsConcertoComposer2002
Hurnik, Lukas GlobusConcertoComposer2001
Kanno, YoshihiroEarth StreamSolo + piano duetBoosey & Hawkes2001
Cutler, Joe Koroviev's TricksSolo + pianoComposer2001
Causton, Richard Concerto for Solo Percussion & GamelanConcertoOxford University Press2001
Živković, Nebojša Jovan Quasi Una SonataSolo + pianoEd.Musica Europea2001
Živković, Nebojša Jovan Born to Beat WildDuet (perucssion + trumpet)Ed. Musica Europea2001
Wallace, Stewart Irving in IndonesiaSolo + pianoSidmar2001
Tsontakis, George MirologiaConcertoTheodore Presser2001
Tower, Joan Strike ZonesConcertoAssociated Music Publishers2001
Rouse, Christopher ÀmhranDuet (great highland bagpipes + percussion)Boosey & Hawkes2001
Psathas, JohnView from OlympusDouble concerto (percussion + piano)Promethean Editions2001
Bedford, David To Ullapool & BeyondSoloComposer2001
Brouwer, Margaret Aurolucent CirclesConcertoComposer2001
Cunningham, Phil CeilidhSolo + orchestra (not concerto)Composer2001
Kats-Chernin, Elena Vitalia's StepsTrio (percussion + piano/toy piano)Boosey & Hawkes2001
Hoover, Jeffrey Fourth WorldSolo + pianoComposer2001
Jegede, Tjunde SavannahConcertoComposer2000
Carl, Robert Written on WoodSoloComposer2000
Másson, ÁskellPercussion ConcertoConcertoEditions B.I.M2000
Montague, Stephen Black 'n' BluesSolo + pianoComposer2000
Turnage, Mark Anthony Fractured LinesDouble concerto (2 percussion)Schott2000
Wiener, Ruud Capriccio VirtuosoSoloComposer2000
Živković, Nebojša JovanConcerto of the Mad QueenConcertoEd. Musica Europea2000
Birtwistle, Harrison (Sir)The Axe ManualDuet (percussion & piano)Boosey & Hawkes2000
Jenkins, Karl MetallumSolo + handbellsBoosey & Hawkes2000
Živković, Nebojša JovanThe Castle of the Mad KingSoloEd. Musica Europea1999
Wallace, Stewart The Cheese and the WormsSolo + pianoSidmar1999
Bedford, David Percussion ConcertoConcertoComposer1999
Farr, Gareth HikoiConcertoComposer1999
Farr, Gareth Taiko TangoSoloComposer1999
Glasser, Stanley Ukhamba Luka SonkonmoseSoloComposer1999
Glasser, Stanley Ogwajan' UfuduSoloComposer1999
Glasser, Stanley MalangashonaSoloComposer1999
Ali-Zadeh, Franghiz (Frangis Ali-Sade) Silk RoadConcertoComposer1999
Yi, Chen Percussion ConcertoConcertoTheodore Presser1999
Sierra, Roberto Los Destellos de la ResonanciaSolo + pianoComposer1999
Heath, Dave C Dawn of a New AgeTrio (percussion + saxophone+ piano)Composer1999
Sommerro, Henning VesterledSolo + Celtic ensembleComposer1998
Yamaguchi, Motofumi Marimba and TaikoDuet + (percussion + taiko)Composer1998
Brophy, Gerard Trance... DakarConcertoComposer1998
Daugherty, Michael UFOConcertoPeer Music1998
Glasser, Stanley Hamba!SoloComposer1998
Glasser, Stanley TshotsholozaSoloComposer1998
Gord, Adam ElementsConcertoComposer1998
Hallgrímsson, Haflidi Ears Stretch - A Sensitive SailSolo + string quartetComposer1998
Macarez, Frédéric Des Pieds et des MainsSoloComposer1998
Miki, Minoru Requiem 99ConcertoComposer1998
Rouse, Christopher Der Gerettete AlberichConcertoBoosey & Hawkes1998
Rouse, Christopher MimeSoloComposer1998
Hart, Paul Cathcart Concertina for PercussionConcertoComposer1998
Sierra, Roberto Con Madera, Metal y CueroConcertoSubito Music1998
Xenakis, Iannis O-MegaSolo + chamber orchestraSalabert1997
Hellawell, Piers Drum of the NàjdDouble concerto (percussion + recorder)Edition Peters1997
Finkel, Ian Jealous of PianistsSoloComposer1997
Finkel, Ian The Gypsy XylophonistSolo + piano; solo + brass bandRosewood Productions1997
Gordon, Michael XYSoloComposer1997
Globokar, Vinko Pensee EcarteleeSoloRicordi Editions1997
Harvey, Jonathan Percussion ConcertoConcertoFaber Music1997
Martland, Steve Street SongsSolo + vocal ensembleSchott1997
Hipplar, Dietmar Tashi DelekSolo + pianoComposer1997
Heath, Dave C Darkness to LightSolo + pianoComposer1997
Klatzow, Peter Return of the MoonSolo + vocal ensembleComposer1997
Psathas, John Happy TachyonsSolo + pianoPromethean Editions1996
Wallace, Stewart Gorilla in a CageConcertoSidmar1996
Bates, Django My Dream KitchenSoloComposer1996
Hellawell, Piers Takla MakanSoloMaecenas Music1995
Thompson, Barbara Rhythms of the GodsTrio (percussion + saxophone + piano)Temple Music1995
Horne, David Reaching OutSoloBoosey & Hawkes1995
Heath, Dave C African Sunrise - Manhattan RaveConcertoChester Music1995
Másson, ÁskellFrumSoloSmith Publications (US)1995
Burgon, Geoffrey City AdventuresConcertoChester Music1995
Keeling, Andrew NekyiaConcertoComposer1995
Bourgeois, Derek Concerto for Percussion & Brass BandConcertoComposer1995
Skempton, Howard Concerto for Hurdy Gurdy & PercussionDouble Concerto (Percussion & Hurdy Gurdy)Oxford University Press1994
Musgrave, Thea Journey through a Japanese LandscapeConcertoNovello1994
Godman, Robert eye assume you knew two...Solo (+ tape)Composer1994
Godman, Robert eye from youSoloComposer1993
Farnon, Robert Encore pieceSoloComposer1993
Psathas, John Drum DancesSolo + pianoPromethean Editions1993
Boyle, Rory Marimba ConcertoConcertoComposer1993
Gow, David Marimba ConcertoConcertoComposer1992
MacMillan, James Veni Veni EmmanuelConcertoBoosey & Hawkes1992
Newton, Rodney Variations for PercussionConcertoComposer1992
Richards, Goff Zimba ZambaSolo + piano; solo + brass bandComposer1992
Dankworth, John Prelude, Blues & GodivaSolo + pianoComposer1992
Boo, MichaelThree Short LollipopsSoloStudio 4 Music1992
Trower, Terry To FreedomConcertoComposer1992
Brown, Christopher La Legende de L'EtoileDuet (percussion + organ)Musography1991
Muldowney, Dominic Figure in a LandscapeConcertoFaber Music1991
Boo, Michael Prayer in Time of WarSoloStudio 4 Music1991
Edwards, Ross Prelude & Dragonfly DanceSolo + percussion EnsembleComposer1991
Sharkey, Jeffrey ToccataSolo + pianoComposer1991
Steadman, Robert Sonata for TimpaniSoloVanderbeek & Imrie1990
Steadman, Robert IkonSoloVanderbeek & Imrie1990
Rodney Bennett, Richard Percussion ConcertoConcertoNovello1990
Steadman, Robert Seventten Days, Two Bottles, One DuvetSoloVanderbeek & Imrie1989
Stevenson, Ronald The Harlot's HouseSolo + accordionBardic Edition1988
McLeod, John The Song of DionysiusSolo + pianoComposer1988
Boo, Michael Psalms for MarimbaSoloStudio 4 Music1988
Schumann, Robert (arr. David Matthews) Piano ConcertoConcertoArranger1987
McLeod, John Percussion ConcertoConcertoComposer1987
Russell, Ray Steeple ChaseSoloComposer1987
Shipley, Edward Old BattlefieldsDuet (percussion + trumpet)Composer1987
Singer, Malcolm Rags to RichesSolo + pianoComposer1986
Mayer, John DamaruSolo + pianoLopes Edition1985
Dempster, Kenneth Concerto PalindromosConcertoComposer1985
Ridout, Alan Concertino for PercussionConcertoComposer1985