Below is a sortable and searchable list of the concertos Evelyn has performed during her career. Premières indicated where appropriate. Publication details are stated in accordance with our most recently held records. Due to the rapidly changing structure of the music publishing industry we cannot guarantee that pieces are still held (or solely held) by the people indicated.

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Composer              NameEnsembleApproximate DurationPublisherNotes
Abe, KeikoPrism RhapsodyOrchestra; wind band; traditional Chinese orchestra10'Xebec
Ali-Zadeh, Franghiz (Frangis Ali-Sade)Silk RoadChamber orchestra20'SikorskiWorld premiere; written for EG
Alrich, AlexisMarimba ConcertoChamber orchestra25'Alto Publications
Assad, ClariceAd Infinitum (Percussion Concerto)Orchestra20'ComposerWorld Premiere
Bach, C.P.E (arr. Evelyn Glennie)Concerto in G Major for Flute, Strings & Continuo, H 445String orchestra15'International Music CompanyWorld premiere
Barrett, JamesToilers of the ElementsString orchestra20'ComposerWorld premiere; written for EG
Basta, JamesConcerto for Marimba & OrchestraOrchestra; wind band15'Music for PercussionUK premiere
Bedford, DavidPercussion ConcertoChamber orchestra20'ComposerWorld premiere; written for EG
Beeson, SeanPrometheus Rapture (Seven Legends for Snare Drum & Orchestra)Orchestra; wind band14'ComposerWorld premiere; written for EG
Bennett, Richard RodneyMarimba ConcertoChamber orchestra16'NovelloEuropean premiere
Bennett, Richard RodneyPercussion Concerto & Chamber OrchestraChamber orchestra26'NovelloWorld premiere; written for EG
Beramish, SallyTrance o NichtOrchestra20'Scottish Music CentreWorld premiere; written for EG
Bernstein, Leonard (arr. Craig Leon)Symphonic Dances from West Side StoryWind band15'Boosey & HawkesWorld premiere
Bourgeois, DerekConcerto for Percussion & Brass BandBrass band; wind band; orchestra20'R SmithWorld premiere; written for EG
Bowden, MarkHeartlandOrchestra24'Composers EditionWritten for EG
Boyle, RoryMarimba ConcertoChamber orchetrsa20'Scottish Music CentreWorld premiere; written for EG
Brophy, GerardTrance... DakarChamber orchestra20'Australian Music CentreWorld Premiere; written for EG
Brouwer, MargaretAurolucent CirclesOrchestra26' 30"Brouwer New Music PublishingWorld Premiere; written for EG
Burgon, GeoffreyCity AdventuresOrchestra20'Chester MusicWorld premiere; written for EG
Causton, RichardConcerto for Solo Percussion & GamelanGamelan20'Oxford University PressWorld premiere; written for EG
Chung, Yiu-KwongConcerto for Solo Percussion & Chinese OrchestraTraditional Chinese orchestra; orchestra (3rd movement only)20'ComposerWorld premiere; written for EG
Chung, Yiu-KwongEmporer Qin Crushing the Battle Formations for 2 Percussionsts & Chinese OrchestraTraditional Chinese orchestra13'ComposerWorld premiere
Cohen, JacquesPrelude 49String Orchestra7'ComposerUK premiere
Corelli, Arcangelo (arr. Karl Jenkins)La FoliaString orchestra10'Boosey & Hawkes
Corigliano, JohnConjurerOrchestra30'G. SchirmerWorld premiere; written for EG
Creston, PaulConcertino for Marimba & OrchestraOrchestra; wind band15'Schirmer
Darbellay, Jean-LucCosmosOrchestra30'RicordiWorld premiere; written for EG
Daugherty, MichaelUFO Orchestra; wind band; brass band (6th movment only)27'Peer MusicWorld premiere; written for EG
Daugherty, MichaelDreamachine - Concerto for Percussion & OrchestraOrchestra; wind symphony20'Michael Daugherty MusicWorld premiere; written for EG
Del Puerto, DavidConcierto Para Marimba y 15 Instrumentos (Concerto for Marimba & 15 Instruments)Chamber ensemble17'ComposerUK premiere
Dempster, KennethConcerto Palindromos - Marimba, Vibraphone & OrchestraOrchestra16'ComposerWorld premiere; written for EG
DePonte, NielConcertino for Marimba & OrchestraOrchestra; wind band15'Studio 4 ProductionsUK premiere
Duddell, JoeSnowblindString orchestra20'Schott
Dun, TanConcerto for Paper percussion & OrchestraOrchestra12'G Schirmer
Dun, TanConcerto for Water Percussion & Orchestra - in memory of Toru TakemitsuOrchestra20'G SchirmerUK premiere
Eckhardt, JasonReul na CoilleOrchestra17'Carl FischerWorld premiere; written for EG
Ewazen, EricConcerto for Marimba & StringsString orchestra25'Keyboard Publications
Ewazen, EricSongs to the Banks of AyrOrchestra20'Southern Music CoWorld premiere; written for EG
Farr, GarethHikoiOrchestra30'Promethean EditionsWorld premiere; written for EG
Glass, PhilipConcerto Fantasy for 2 TimpanistsOrchestra; wind band; 2 pianos20'Chester MusicUK premiere
Gorb, AdamElements - Suite for Percussion & Wind EnsembleWind band33'MaecenasWorld premiere; written for EG
Gow, DavidMarimba ConcertoChamber orchestra20'ComposerWorld premiere; written for EG
Gruber, Heinz-KarlRough Music - Concerto for Percussion & OrchestraOrchestra26'Boosey & HawkesUK premiere
Hallgrímsson, HafliðiEars Stretch A Sensitive SailString quartet23'Chester MusicWorld premiere; written for EG
Hans, OlgaEntelecheia - Sinfonia Concertante for Percussion, Cello & Orchestra. Orchestra20'ComposerWorld remiere; written for EG
Hart, PaulCathcart Concertino for PercussionOrchestra15'ComposerWorld remiere; written for EG
Harvey, JonathanPercussion ConcertoOrchestra25'Faber MusicWorld premiere; written for EG
Hatzis, ChristosMirage?String orchestra12'Promethean EditionsWorld premiere; written for EG
Hatzis, ChristosTongues of FireOrchestra; wind band30'Promethean EditionsWorld premiere; written for EG
Heath, Dave CAfrican Sunrise - Manhattan RaveOrchestra; wind band20'Chester MusicWorld premiere; written for EG
Hellawell, PiersDrum of the NajdChamber orchestra22'MaecenasWorld premiere; written for EG
Henshall, DalwynConcerto for Percussion & StringsString orchestra15'ComposerWorld premiere
Higdon, JenniferPercussion ConcertoOrchestra; wind band25'Lawdon Press
Hindson, MatthewPercussion ConcertoOrchestra23'Faber MusicWorld premiere; written for EG
Ho, VincentFrom Darkness to Light - A Spiritual JourneyOrchestra30'Promethean EditionsWorld premiere; written for EG
Ho, VincentThe ShamanOrchestra; traditional Chinese orchestra30'Promethean EditionsWorld premiere; written for EG
Horne, DavidIgnitionOrchestra20'Boosey & HawkesWorld premiere; written for EG
Hovhaness, AlanFantasy on Japanese Wood Prints, Op.211 - Xylophone & OrchestraOrchestra15'Peter's Edition
Howard, DaniThe Wizard of Menlo ParkOrchestra25'BirdsongWorld premiere
İnce, KamranÇıkırıkçılar HillOrchestra25'SchottWorld Premiere: written for EG
Jager, RobertConcerto for Percussion & Wind BandWind band10'Meredith MusicEuropean premiere
Jarman, JillMindstream - Double Concerto for Percussion, Violin and Chamber StringsString Orchestra21'J R J EditionWorld premiere; written for EG
Jarman, JillAcross the Divide (Concert Piece for double bass & percussion)Orchestra27'ComposerWorld premiere; written for EG
Jegede, TundeSavannah15'ComposerWorld premiere; written for EG
Jolivet, AndréConcerto for PercussionOrchestra17'SalabertUK premiere
Josephs, WilfredPercussion ConcertoBrass ensemble15' 30"Basil Ramsey
Jost, ChristianCosmodromionOrchestra25'SchottWorld premiere; written for EG
Keeling, AndrewNekyiaOrchestra20'ComposerWorld premiere; written for EG
Klatzow, PeterConcerto for Marimba & String OrchestraOrchestra15'Musications
Koppel, AndersConcerto for Aluphone, Marimba & OrchestraOrchestra30'Wilhelm HansenWorld premiere; written for EG
Koppel, AndersConcerto for Marimba & OrchestraOrchestra13' 30"Norse Musik Farlag
Koppel, AndersViva! Mozart Suite 6Chamber orchestra7'Edition Wilhelm HansenUK premiere
Kraft, WilliamThree Miniatures for Percussion & OrchestraOrchestra5'Belwin Mills
Kurka, RobertConcerto for Marimba & OrchestraOrchestra20'WeintraubUK premiere
Lang, DavidLoud Love SongsOrchestra15'Schirmer (USA) Chester (UK)World premiere; written for EG
Lepak, AlexanderConcerto for Mallet InstrumentsOrchestra18'Windsor Music PublicationsEuropean premiere
Lindberg, ChristianLiverpool LullabiesOrchestra20'ComposerWorld premiere
MacMillan, JamesVeni, Veni, EmmanuelOrchestra25'Boosey & HawkesWorld premiere; written for EG
Másson, ÁskellCrossings - Double Concerto for 2 Percussionists & OrchestraOrchestra20'Editions BIMWorld premiere
Másson, ÁskellKonzertstuck for Snare Drum & OrchestraOrchestra; wind band; brass band10'Editions BIMUK premiere; USA premiere; Canadian premiere
Másson, ÁskellMarimba ConcertoOrchestra27'Editions BIMIcelandic premiere
Mayuzumi, ToshiroConcertino for Xylophone & OrchestraOrchestra; traditional Chinese orchestra13'Peters Edition
McGuire, EddiePrazdnikOrchestra20'Scottish Music CentreWorld premiere; written for EG
McLeod, JohnPercussion ConcertoOrchestra25'Scottish Music CentreWorld premiere; written for EG
Metcalf, JohnMarimba ConcertoString orchestra14'ComposerWorld premiere
Miki, MinoruConcerto for Marimba & OrchestraOrchestra23'Ongaku No Tomo Sha
Miki, MinoruMarimba Spiritual - Solo Marimba & 3 PercussionistsPercussion ensemble15'Ongaku No Tomo Sha
Miki, MinoruRequiem 99Tradtional Japanese orchestra20'Ongaku No Tomo ShaWorld Premiere; written for EG
Milhaud, DariusConcerto for Marimba & VibraphoneOrchestra18'SchirmerUK Premiere
Milhaud, DariusConcerto for Percussion & Small OrchestraChamber orchestra7'SchirmerUK Premiere
Mills, RichardSoundscapes for Percussion & OrchestraOrchestra15'Boosey & HawkesEuropean Premiere
Miyoshi, AkiraConcerto for Marimba & StringsString orchestra15'Ongaku No Tomo ShaUK Premiere
Moreno-Buendía, ManuelConcierto neoclásico para arpa, marimba y cuerdas (Neoclassical Concerto for Harp, Marimba & Strings)Strings20'ComposerWorld premiere; written for EG
Muldowney, DominicPercussion Concerto - Figure in a LandscapeChamber orchestra20'Faber MusicWorld premiere; written for EG
Müller-Wieland, JanKonzert für Vibraphon (Concerto for Vibraphone)Chamber orchestra19'Sikorski
Müller, Fabian Concerto for Vibraphone and OrchestraOrchestra27'Edition Fabian MüllerWorld premiere; written for EG
Musgrave, TheaJourney Through a Japanese LandscapeWind band23'NovelloWorld Premiere; written for EG
Musgrave, TheaTwo's CompanyOrchestra20'NovelloWorld premiere; written for EG
Nai-Chung, Kuan The Sun  Traditional Chinese orchestra6'Singapore Chinese Orchstra Ltd
Newson, GeorgeBoth ArmsOrchestra20'ComposerWorld premiere; written for EG
Newton, RodneyVariations for PercussionBrass band; wind band12'ComposerWorld premiere; written for EG
Nobre, MarlosPercussion Concerto No 2Orchestra11'ComposerWritten for EG
Nørgård, PerFor a Change - Concerto for Percussion & OrchestraOrchestra25'Chester MusicUK premiere
O'Boyle, SeanPortraits of Immortal LoveOrchestra25'ABC PublishingWorld premiere; written for EG
Oesterle, MichaelKaluza KleinString orchestra15'ComposerWorld premiere; written for EG
Panufnik, Andrjez (Sir)Concertino for Timpani, Percussion & Strings - (2 Soloists: 1 Timpanist, 1 Percussionist)String orchestra15'Boosey & Hawkes
Panufnik, RoxannaDigressions - Concerto for Marimba & small OrchestraChamber orchestra; two pianos13' 30"ComposerWorld premiere; written for EG
Pehkonen, ElisConcerto for Keyboard PercussionString orchestra15'Corinium
Peters, RandolphMusicophilia - Concerto for PercussionOrchetsra20'ComposerWorld premiere; written for EG
Phibbs, JosephBar VeloceChamber orchestra15'ComposerWorld premiere; written for EG
Psathas, JohnPercussion Concerto for 4 Percussionists & OrchestraOrchestra20'Promethean EditionsWorld premiere
Psathas, JohnView from Olympus - Double Concerto for Percussion & PianoOrchestra20'Promethean EditionsWorld premiere; written for EG
Ptaszyńska, MartaConcerto for Marimba & OrchestraOrchestra30'PWM Edition
Ptaszyńska, MartaDrum of OrfeoOrchestra30'PWM EditionWorld premiere
Puts, KevinMarimba ConcertoChamber orchestra20'Bill Holab MusicEuropean premiere
Puts, KevinPercussion ConcertoOrchestra23'Bill Holab MusicWorld premiere; written for EG
Rorem, NedConcerto for Mallet InstrumentsChamber orchestra28'Boosey & HawkesWorld premiere; written for EG
Rosauro, NeyConcerto for MarimbaString orchestra18'Herbert BrandtUK premiere
Rouse, ChristopherDer Gerettete AlberichOrchestra22'Boosey & HawkesWorld premiere; written for EG
Ruders, PoulStudium - Double Perucssion ConcertoOrchestra20'Edition Wilhelm HansenUK premiere
Saint-Saëns, Camille (arr. Evelyn Glennie)Introduction et Rondo Capriccioso, Op.28 Orchestra8' 30"Editions DurandWorld premiere
Sallinen, AulisSymphony No. 2, Op.29 - Symphonic Dialogue for Solo Percussion & OrchestraOrchestra17'NovelloLondon premiere
Scarlatti, Domenico (arr. John Woolrich)Three SonatasChamber orchestra14'Faber MusicWorld premiere
Schumann, Franz (arr. David Matthews)Concerto for Piano & OrchestraOrchestra20'Faber MusicWorld premiere
Schwantner, JosephConcerto for Percussion & OrchestraOrchetsra; wind band28'Helicon Music CorpEuropean premiere
Sheng, BrightColours of Crimson for Marimba & OrchestraOrchestra20'Boosey & HawkesWorld premiere
Sheng, BrightDeep Red (Chamber version of Colours of Crimson)Chamber ensemble20'Boosey & Hawkes
Sierra, RobertoCon Madera, Metal y Cuero -
concerto for percussion & orchestra
Orchestra16'Subito musicWorld premiere; written for EG
Simons, MarijnConcerto FabuleuxOrchestra26'DonemusUSA premiere
Simons, MarijnConcerto for an Odd Couple - Double Concerto for Violin & MarimbaOrchestra23'DonemusWorld premiere
Skempton, HowardConcerto for Hurdy-Gurdy & Percussion - OrchestraOrchestra15'Oxford University PressWorld premiere; written for EG
Stucky, StevenSpirit VoicesOrchestra20'Theodore PresserWorld premiere; written for EG
Takemitsu, ToruGitimalya for Marimba & OrchestraOrchestra20'SalabertAustralian premiere
Talbot, JobyIncandescenceChamber orchestra; 2 pianos20'Chester
Thomas, AndrewLoving Mad TomOrchestra30'American Composers AllianceEuropean premiere
Torke, MichaelRaptureOrchestra; wind band20'Bill Holab Music
Tower, JoanStrike ZonesOrchestra20'AmPWorld premiere; written for EG
Tsontakis, GeorgeMirologiaOrchestra20'ComposerWorld premiere; written for EG
Tull, FisherDialogues - for Percussion & OrchestraOrchestra17'Boosey & HawkesEuropean premiere
Turnage, Mark AnthonyFractured Lines - Double Percussion ConcertoOrchestra20'SchottWorld premiere; written for EG
Tüür, Erkki-SvenSymphony No 4 'Magma' for Percussion & OrchestraOrchestra30'Peters EditionWorld premiere; written for EG
Veldhuis, Jacob terBarracuda ConcertoOrchestra14'DonemusWorld premiere; written for EG
Vivaldi, Antonio (arr. Evelyn Glennie)Concerto in C for Piccolo Recorder, Strings and Continuo, RV 443 [F VI/4, P 79, R 105] (solo part arranged for vibraphone)String orchestra; brass band10'Ricordi & CoWorld premiere
Vivaldi, Antonio (arr. Evelyn Glennie)Concerto in C or Oboe, Strings and Continuo, RV 447 [F VII/6; P 41; R 216] (solo part arranged for vibraphone)String orchestra10'Ricordi & CoWorld premiere
Vivaldi, Antonio (arr. Evelyn Glennie)Concerto in G minor for 2 Cellos, Strings and Continuo, RV 531 [F III/2; P 411;R 61] (solo parts arranged for marimba & cello)String orchestra12'International Music CompanyWorld premiere
Vivaldi, Antonio (arr. Evelyn Glennie)The Four Seasons, RV 269 [F I/22, P 241, R 76], RV 315 [F I/23; P 336; R 77], RV 293 [F I/24; P 257; R 78] & RV 297 [F I/25; P 442; R 79] (solo parts arranged for vibraphone, marimba and glockenspiel)String orchestra20'Ricordi & CoWorld premiere
Wallace, StewartGorilla in a CageOrchestra ; two pianos20'Sidmar MusicWorld premiere; written for EG
Yi, ChenPercussion ConcertoOrchestra20'PresserWorld premiere; written for EG
Yoshioka, TakayoshiRhapsodyChamber ensemble15'Zen on MusicEuropean premiere
Yu, JulianConcerto for Marimba & Small OrchestraChamber orchestra20'ComposerEuropean premiere
Živković, Nebojša Jovan Concerto of the Mad QueenOrchestra15'Edition Musica EuropeaWorld premeire; written for EG
Živković, Nebojša Jovan Concerto No 2 per Marimbafono e Orchestra, Op.25  (Concerto for Marimba & Orchestra No 2)Orchestra25'Edition Musica EuropeaUK premiere; USA premiere