Let’s get moving!

children sitting

Many of us like to move to the music. It could be just tapping our feet or hands or we may feel like get our whole body involved. Encouraging children to move with music or to react physically to a soundscape reveals a lot about the child. It’s a very healthy activity to do on many levels and can be … Read More

Be Sound Creators!


I love creating sounds using my body and voice. This is what we call Body and Voice Percussion. What sounds can be explored using: • Hands! How many different clapping sounds can be made? • Feet! How many different sounds can be made using the feet by stomping, tip-toing, with shoes, without shoes? • Voice! Vowel sounds, consonants, laughter, whispers? … Read More

Encourage Children to Explore Sounds

Children smiling

Encourage the act of listening to the sound environment around us. Listening is all about observation, curiosity, exploration, and engagement. Asking children to explore the soundscape around them can help to develop their observational skills and their relationship with the space they are in. It can also allow the opportunity to observe the difference between hearing and listening. What do … Read More

Explore the World of Instruments!

Children playing with instruments sat next to each other

Exploring as wide a range of instruments as possible is exciting for all of us – young and old! Thinking about the range of frequencies and attacks is important so that children can identify that a piece of music is rather like building a house – it needs a foundation and structure with windows to experience light and darkness, we … Read More

Encourage Children to Play

a child blowing bubbles

Children are natural sound creators; they love to create sounds through everything they come in contact with including their own body! Playing instruments or found objects along to a song or soundscape is a great way of experiencing and exploring dynamics, placement of sound, sharing of sounds and textures. Everything is an exploration! Introducing a child to dynamics will enhance … Read More

How To Help Someone Who Lip Reads

How To Help Someone Who Lip Reads

Evelyn provides us with her top tips to help someone who lip reads as part of #NationalLipReadingAwarwnessWeek! -Try to speak steadily. -Keep unnecessary words to a minimum. -Eye contact is essential, so avoid sunglasses! -Try to avoid facial hair getting in the way of the mouth. -Try and avoid speaking in the dark or direct sunlight. -Deafness is not always … Read More