An Evening with Evelyn Glennie – HMP Askham Grange

An Evening with Evelyn Glennie by Anon, resident at HMP Askham Grange When I arrived in the ballroom, I saw a large amount of different instruments and I instantly thought, “this is going to be good!” The room fell silent and suddenly Evelyn began to play the snare drum. As she played the tempo began to change and you could feel the … Read More

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2017 advert - Volunteers Needed

A small ad in a local paper, an application, a telephone request to visit, an interview, completed with some amount of bluffing, an offer and a start date for an ill-defined role with no-one sure how it was going to work out, except it was going to be important and, ultimately, defining of a career. I opted for newspapers: a … Read More

Variety is the spice of life…

At the beginning of 2022 following my retirement and the relaxation of the pandemic restrictions, I was feeling in need of a new challenge. I found it in a post on the Nextdoor app which sought volunteers for the Evelyn Glennie Collection, a preferred volunteer attribute being “a mind that likes problem solving and bringing order to confusion”. That, I … Read More

Learning new timpani techniques in the kitchen… My online consultation | Janice Flanders

Janice Flanders - My Consultation

Janice’s husband wanted to arrange a special Christmas gift for his wife, and thought that a personal consultation with Evelyn would be perfect! Janice’s husband wanted to arrange a special Christmas gift for his wife, and thought that a personal consultation with Evelyn would be perfect! The date was arranged to follow a concert where Janice was playing some challenging timpani movements from Beethoven’s 8th Symphony.

As a life-long and self-taught timpani and percussion player, performing in amateur orchestras and wind bands, Janice wanted some constructive criticism and a general discussion on her playing style. She arranged for her concert performance to be filmed, and sent along the clips to Evelyn in advance, along with notes about the specific movements and bars, and the relevant music.

Setting up her timpani’s in the kitchen, she had a 60 minute online session and shared her feedback with us.

The Evelyn Glennie Collection – Picture This!

June 1982 - Evelyn with Prince Michael of Kent, Royal Festival Hall

Main picture: Evelyn meeting their Royal Highnesses the Prince and Princess Michael of Kent at the Royal Festival Hall, London, in June 1982, aged 16. Evelyn’s dress was made by Mrs Florence Cadger, a family friend. Becoming a volunteer for The Evelyn Glennie Collection was a complete change for me. Responding to an advert in a local newspaper which said … Read More

Hitting the right note with inclusion

Dame Evelyn Glennie CH, Robert Gordon University’s Chancellor, discusses widening participation among underrepresented groups and eliminating barriers to higher education, drawing from her lived experiences.

The Evelyn Glennie Collection – Gathering Momentum

Concert Programmes stored in acid free boxes in their dedicated room

Volunteers change the world in so many different and positive ways. They can be the shakers of the world. Over the past 6 years I have been blessed with a truly amazing group of volunteers from different walks of life who have dedicated themselves towards the formation of The Evelyn Glennie Collection. The following blog has been written by Caroline … Read More

Who’s Listening?

© Kaupo Kikkas - photo ref 208319

Photo: Kaupo Kikkas I wonder how often we pause to reflect on how much we interpret the world we live in, or how much we translate it? We may see a grassy lawn and accept it as just that…or we may pause, look at it, smell it, note its texture and colors and thickness, and notice life in the blades … Read More

Sustainable Creative Careers: Your Own Best Health – Evelyn Glennie

Picture: Evelyn Glennie by Jim Callaghan For the first in a new series of articles on maintaining our own best health, solo percussionist (and BAPAM patron) Dame Evelyn Glennie spoke with us about looking after mind and body while managing the pressures of global tours… Evelyn Glennie is the world’s premier solo percussionist, performing worldwide with the greatest orchestras and … Read More

A Foley blog by Ruth Sullivan

It was an absolute delight chatting with Dame Evelyn on her podcast recently! I think we could have gone on for hours… Hopefully we managed to explain a little of what I do as a Foley Artist – a career I had never heard of when I first took my tentative steps into the studio. Foley is a rather niche … Read More