Being deaf isn’t my barrier. It’s my motivator | Tim’s Story

Being deaf isn't my barrier. It's my motivator.

My name is Tim Grytz and I was born on the 13th of August 1995 in Stolberg, Germany. I lost the majority of my hearing at birth. My lungs did not fully develop and caused me extreme breathing problems. I was put in an incubator with a breathing machine and received extremely strong medication which although saved my life, caused my … Read More

How To Help Someone Who Lip Reads

How To Help Someone Who Lip Reads

Evelyn provides us with her top tips to help someone who lip reads as part of #NationalLipReadingAwarwnessWeek! -Try to speak steadily. -Keep unnecessary words to a minimum. -Eye contact is essential, so avoid sunglasses! -Try to avoid facial hair getting in the way of the mouth. -Try and avoid speaking in the dark or direct sunlight. -Deafness is not always … Read More

My consultation with Evelyn Glennie | Steven Moore

“After following Evelyn’s career for nearly all of my life, the prospect of meeting and having a consultation with her was an achievement in itself.  Whilst this could have been overwhelming, the moment we met I felt at ease and an amazing learning environment was created. With my performance of Ney Rosauro’s Marimba concerto fast approaching, the piece I chose … Read More

Elle’s Story | #TeachTheWorldToListen

The following piece first appeared on Microtia UK We have been fortunate enough to have been given the opportunity to share Elle’s story from Microtia UK on our blog: “My name is Elle and I was born with left sided microtia and Atresia, I also have hearing loss in my right ear. I wear a BAHA and have another hearing … Read More

I’m a Grammy Award Winning Musician and I’m Deaf

The following piece first appeared on the “It might sound counter-intuitive but losing my hearing has made me a better listener and musician – so much so that it has taken me all over the world. Listening is about more than the sounds we take in through our ears. It’s often thought that deaf people sit in a world … Read More

Fiona’s Story | #TeachTheWorldToListen


At Upward Mobility, we have provided our students with the incredible iMuse Suite. The iMuse Suite is a collection of integrated technologies that work together to create a space of light, movement, sound and colour. There are microphones around the room to pick up voices and sounds, and a projector that displays a range of sound-reactive visuals. Embedded in the … Read More

Guest Blog by Darren Johnson | An afternoon spent with Dame Evelyn Glennie

Evelyn and Darren

On the 14th of April 2019, Evelyn travelled down to Eastbourne College Theatre for an In Conversation. The below was kindly written by Darren Johnson: “Last Sunday I was privileged to host an afternoon of music and chat with Dame Evelyn Glennie in Eastbourne’s College Theatre. Beginning to lose her hearing at eight and deaf since the age of twelve … Read More