‘Fusional Fragments’ and the Pied Piper

When I first discussed the idea of percussion and dance I was not completely sure how this would work out. Me in a tutu? Maybe not!

However my subsequent meetings with Marc Brew filled me with excitement about this brand new project. Marc’s dancers have been extremely responsive to having me on stage and in amongst them with my instruments. My interaction has been compared to the Pied Piper enticing the dancers into an unknown world.

When percussion meets another medium there are a great deal of practical obstacles to overcome and in this production the team have proved extremely inventive with the strategic placement of my instruments on stage.

As the dancers perform the atmosphere changes and engulfs them into a surreal broken environment. This is where I use my percussive persuasion to entice them to break free of their fragmented worlds.

The next performances are at Tramway in Glasgow on Friday 26th and Saturday 27th October.

I hope you will be able to book your tickets to one of these exciting performances and please do let me know what you think, I welcome your feedback.

Image: © Marc Brew Productions (used by kind permission)

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