For Once, I Listen… My Experience of Online Consultation with Evelyn | Mayumi Nakabayashi

“Ever since I have known Evelyn offers online consultations to instrumentalists, I was wondering if she would also be interested in coaching singers like myself. I have been singing a particular genre of singing tradition; Georgian polyphony (mostly 3 parts acapella singing).  Like so many others, I have been inspired by Evelyn’s works and her special relationship with the world … Read More

My consultation with Evelyn Glennie | Steven Moore

Steven Moore's Consultation with Evelyn Glennie Blog Post Cover

“After following Evelyn’s career for nearly all of my life, the prospect of meeting and having a consultation with her was an achievement in itself.  Whilst this could have been overwhelming, the moment we met I felt at ease and an amazing learning environment was created. With my performance of Ney Rosauro’s Marimba concerto fast approaching, the piece I chose … Read More