What picture is my body painting?

In response to a question from Lisa in Sweden who mentioned that she is currently doing a photo documentary project at a church involving many shoots of musicians and also listeners attending the services and events. Lisa said “If you have any thoughts on how to really show the making of music and the act of listening in photography I’d … Read More

My Life in a Plastic Bag

Here I am again at Heathrow airport I have been debagged, checked in and now I am eagerly awaiting for that final degradation of going through security. As I stand patiently waiting for all my possessions to be scanned and viewed by people who I have never met and the possible additional delight of being frisked, I look down at … Read More

How Would You Perform?

I am just standing in a queue at Heathrow airport waiting for my flight to Lausanne, Switzerland where I will be performing at the Salle Métropole. On this occasion I will be performing the world première of Cosmos by Jean-Luc Darbellay. As I wait my turn I think about the journey I have taken so many times to reach this … Read More

Living in a Nursery Rhyme

In a nonsensical way how often do you have a day or two when you feel as if you are in another dimension. Somehow you have wandered inadvertently into a cartoon or rhyme where nothing makes sense at the time or that you are seeing events around you but you are not participating in the traditional sense. During a recent … Read More


My favourite book is a dictionary; I always have one to hand. I dip in and out of it like a box of chocolates eager to read the description of a new word or even an old favourite. As you know the new piece I am currently working on is titled Cosmos and as I interpret the composer’s notes I … Read More

And another first for me…

I am dipping my toe into this enormous cavern of words, which most of you know well. However for me it is something very new, exciting and just a little bit scary. I want to be good at blogging in the same way that I strive to be good at music and sound creation. My normal tools are a wonderful … Read More