A Podcast with Isaac Harari

Evelyn and Awards for Young Musician recording a podcast

On Tuesday the 17th of August Evelyn invited Isaac Harari to join her at her home studio in Cambridgeshire to conduct a MusicPlus podcast for Classic Music Magazine, hosted by Chris Gunness. The podcast aims to explore the big idea revolved around the social responsibility and relevance of classical music today. Evelyn is a patron of AYM and Issac is an incredible classical and jazz percussionist who receives funding and support through AYM’s annual Awards Programme. This podcast highlights how AYM is helping Isaac achieve his musical goals.

At Awards for Young Musicians (AYM), they know that musical talent is everywhere but opportunity isn’t. Right now, there are so many talented children who aren’t getting the chance to experience a musical life. At AYM, they find these children, nurture their emerging talent and inspire them to reach their musical goals. If you’re interested in supporting AYM’s work, you can do so here.

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