Vincent Ho: ‘The Shaman’ | North America Review: Winnipeg Free Press

After an atmospheric opening signalled by delicate finger cymbals, Glennie — as a modern-day shaman — invokes the spirits with rattles, shakers and cymbals during the first movement Ritual that steadily grows in intensity.

The powerhouse performer also coaxed with the contemplative Fantasia — Nostalgia that ultimately leads to Interlude: Conjuring the Spirits.

Fire Dance is an explosive tour de force with dramatic sweeps of orchestral colour becoming a canvas for Glennie’s dazzling virtuosity. As expected, her performance earned a rousing standing ovation with cries of bravo.

Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra
Conductor: Alexander Mickelthwate
Centennial Concert Hall, Winnipeg
2 & 3 May 2014

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