Perpetual Motion for Pianists (Printed Music)


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Perpetual Motion is a collection of ten evocative pieces for young pianists to explore and enjoy. Each piece was conceived to focus on a particular technical requirement yet is also a complete piece of music in itself, which should be interpreted as a little sound story. Suitable for players of approximately grade 3-5 level.


A downloadable album of Evelyn performing the Perpetual Motion collection on her own piano is available here.

Percussion versions, arranged by Evelyn, were released in early 2015. These are available to download from Faber Music, here.

  • Clockwork Chimes
  • Sleeping Snowman
  • The Lonely Traveller
  • Rustica Danza
  • Perpetual Motion
  • Courting Counting
  • Ghost Waltz
  • Toiling Lumberjacks
  • Restless
  • Snowflakes

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