An Evening with Evelyn Glennie – HMP Askham Grange

The whole experience was totally amazing and has resulted in me listening to all the sounds I hear around me each day.

The event was so successful in many ways. A lot more ladies attended than usual and have fed back to say that it made them think, it made them take time to stop and listen and write down their thoughts.

To me, literacy is such a broad subject and there are so many ways we can encourage people to enjoy reading.

How listening can make a difference

Evelyn and I left Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire to the soft whispering of waves breaking on a sandy beach. Bit disconcerting as the nearest stretch of sea is at least 50 miles away. The sound, in fact, was coming from the ocean drum which was nestled between the paddle drum and the waterphone on the back seat of the car.  Each time … Read More

More Than Simply Drums & Cymbals…

Front Cover of 'More Than Simply Drums & Cymbals', subtitle 'A meander through The Evelyn Glennie Collection'

The wonderful Volunteer team for The Evelyn Glennie Collection have been working incredibly hard to bring this booklet together and we are delighted to be able to share it with you now. ‘More Than Simply Drums & Cymbals’ takes you on a journey through the extraordinary assortment of artefacts which form The Evelyn Glennie Collection, and charts the introduction and subsequent development of percussion as a solo instrument across the globe.

1st Earith, Bluntisham & Colne Scouts sleep in boxes for charities

Charlotte Beattie, Scout Group Lead (left) handing over the donation of £254 to Dame Evelyn Glennie (right)

The 1st Earith, Bluntisham and Earith Scouts slept in cardboard boxes to raise money for two local charities. The Scouts’ chosen charities were The Evelyn Glennie Foundation and St Ives Foodbank.

The young group decided to do a “Night in the Box” evening, which saw them sleep in boxes. They managed to raise a great amount of funds for both charities, including £254 for The Evelyn Glennie Foundation.

A very special donation…

Evelyn and the gyil donated by Bex Burch

The Evelyn Glennie Collection is a major resource for research, not only for percussionists and musicologists but where the entry points can be through history, geography, science, sociology etc. The richness of The Collection is augmented by the incredible kindness of people who donate items. It recently and very gratefully received an extraordinary addition: a Gyil, a Ghanaian Xylophone made … Read More

Seeking a Trustee Treasurer…

The Evelyn Glennie Foundation is a new Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) enabling change, connection and collaboration through better listening. Our unique mission is to 'Teach the World to Listen'. The remarkable career of Dame Evelyn Glennie has pushed the boundaries of percussion beyond all recognition. The Foundation will use her distinctive listening practices, legacy and vast career archive to inspire active, ... Read More

History in the making…

A little bit of history was made last week. I was honoured to be the first percussionist to receive the Léonie Sonning Music Prize. My acceptance speech included the following: “I am extremely honoured to address you all this evening. Never in my wildest dreams had I imagined standing here receiving an award as important and symbolic as the Leonie … Read More

The Evelyn Glennie Foundation

Image description: A black and white photo of Evelyn, with The Evelyn Glennie Foundation logo in white floating over a dark section. The logo is a series of five concentric circles, with two hands reaching to meet each other, one of which is helping the other 'up'. In the photo, Evelyn is wearing her glasses during a conversation, and is smiling broadly.

I am absolutely thrilled to share the news that The Evelyn Glennie Foundation is now a registered charity!   The Evelyn Glennie Foundation is a charity imbued with the ethos and ambitions of its namesake. A pioneering solo percussionist, sound creator and expert listener, Evelyn’s experiences as a profoundly deaf musician have reframed our understanding of what it means to … Read More