World Elephant Day 2019 | Behind The Scenes

World Elephant Day Behind The Scenes

Monday the 12th of August 2019 marks World Elephant Day.

Our aim is to immerse listeners into a unique sound world. We read so many articles regarding the impact poaching has on wildlife but how does ‘being’ in this scenario make you feel with no other influences? When some of your other senses are hindered, those which remain become extremely powerful, providing you with the ability to emotionally travel to a place you may never have experienced before. Music is our universal way to spread and reinforce true meaning behind our actions. We realised that with the range of instruments and sound objects available to us we could replicate real life scenarios and problems through the power of sound with the aim to teach the world to listen on a social, educational and environmental level. We hope this video encourages us all to help protect elephants in the fight against poaching.

How was the video created?

Evelyn’s extensive instrument collection provided us with multiple ways to play with sound. In this video she used Hand Squeeze Balls, Rubber gloves, Umbrella, Mechanical Siren, Snare Drum, Rain Sticks, Timpani, Thunder Sheet, Gourd, Party Horn, Bird Whistles, Utters, a variety of Seed Pods, Rattles and Parchment Rattles!

We wanted to use sound to tell a story, to immerse the listener into a world they may never have experienced  before. This way, we are truly listening… #TeachTheWorldToListen #WorldElephantDay

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