Vincent Ho: ‘The Shaman’ | North America Review:

Canadian-born Vincent Ho wrote The Shaman Concerto with [Evelyn] in mind, and she was physically and musically the most dazzling thing that could ever be on stage.

Her waist-long now white hair did indeed give her the looks of Korean shamans I used to study on the island of Cheju. She walked around the stage to her three ensembles. […] For the second and fourth movements, she played in turn a lovely lullaby, and a frenetic fire dance. But the first movement music was, with all its frenzied drumming and tingling, very much like the shamanistic drumming I would hear many years ago. The third movement was a “summoning of the spirits”, and Mr. Glennie–more than the Shamanistic Tuva players or the dancing Mr. Tagaq–gave that sense of summoning of the spirits.

Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra
Conductor: Alexander Mickelthwate
Carnegie Hall, New York City
8 May 2014

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