Visit The Collection

Photo © Ian MacMichael

A free guided tour by knowledgeable Volunteers

We offer an amazing opportunity to view and be personally guided through The Evelyn Glennie Collection by our Volunteer Curator. The free tour will last at least 30 minutes and is suitable for up to six people.

Arriving at the office of Evelyn Glennie in Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire, UK you will be shown a variety of artefacts from Evelyn’s career including costumes, awards, artwork and not least, hundreds of instruments from around the globe. From African Ago-gos to Indonesian Anklungs, Indian Elephant Bells to Peruvian Panpipes, and Venezuelan Curbata Drums to an Irish Lambeg, to name a few. The visit concludes with an invitation for you to strike the 5 foot Tam Tam.

To arrange a date for your visit to The Evelyn Glennie Collection please contact our office.

By the end of your tour, we hope you will agree that The Evelyn Glennie Collection must be kept intact for the benefit of future generations. Donations will be welcomed to help support its preservation.

Please note: no unaccompanied children.

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