Sean O’Boyle: ‘Portraits of Immortal Love’ | North America Review: The News Tribune

Petite, with bubbly friendliness and bright red socks (profoundly deaf since childhood, the percussionist hears vibrations through her entire body, including feet onstage), Glennie swept through O’Boyle’s concerto like a graceful whirlwind. From the circular bell melody of the opening over a shimmery string cushion, through the unbelievably fast bell part in the jig, to thundering bass drum and scarily overpowering snare in the war section, through a magical vibraphone stillness and eerie cymbal-chime effects to the galvanizing marimba cadenza, Glennie moved through the work’s kaleidoscope of emotions like a dancer. Her attention to sheer sound and color seemed to pull the orchestra into a new stratum of playing, utterly focused. And Glennie’s placement across the orchestra from the percussion section allowed a lovely visual and aural antiphony in O’Boyle’s well-crafted writing, giving his movie-score atmosphere more textural depth.

Tacoma Symphony Orchestra
Conductor: Sarah Ioannides
Pantages Theater, Tacoma
2 & 3 May 2014