Mark Knopfler and Evelyn Glennie Altamira Soundtrack | Review: Short and Sweet NYC

The main themes here are gorgeous and the acoustic guitar playing is about as top-notch as you’d expect, considering it is Mark Knopfler playing guitar and composing. The percussion background is expert, whether it’s spooky metallic churning replicating bison, or trilly xylophone all from Evelyn Glennie. This 10-song, lush landscape soundtrack from Knopfler and Glennie for the movie of the … Read More

John Corigliano: ‘Conjurer’ | Double Review: Recording of the Month at MusicWeb International

The concerto, a set of short cadenzas followed by movements with titles such as Wood,Metal and Skin, mixes two different groups in artful and interesting ways. For instance, in Wood the pitched instruments (xylophone and marimba) are combined and contrasted with unpitched ones (wood block, claves, log drum); the result is music of sinew and strength. That Conjurer comes across with such conviction is due in no … Read More