Recital at Lichfield Festival 2017 | UK Review: Lichfield Live

The award-winning, world class percussionist Evelyn Glennie and the pianist Philip Smith played a set of complicated music from around the world when they appeared at Lichfield Cathedral as part of the 2017 Lichfield Festival. A large audience was in held in rapt attention as the Scottish musician moved around a stage that was heavily festooned with instruments that could … Read More

Recital: Bristol Live Music | UK Review: 365 Bristol

Dame Evelyn Glennie took all of us on a journey of vibrating sound through her amazing performance with a variety of instruments in her most recent concert at St George’s in Bristol. Her way of creating overwhelming sound flows so naturally that you barely notice how she goes from disruptive and tempestuous to melodic and relaxing. Glennie uses the drumsticks … Read More

Recital: BBC Proms Chamber Music 2015 |UK Review: Daily Telegraph

Entering Cadogan Hall for Evelyn Glennie’s performance, audience members were offered earplugs. This playfully reinforced a stereotype: percussion instruments are all noise, incapable of the subtlety that should be left to more traditional melodic instruments. Think again. In a concert to celebrate her 50th birthday, Dame Evelyn Glennie demonstrated the expressive range of various percussion instruments, one of which had … Read More

Recital: Bury St Edmunds | UK Review: Bury Free Press

This concert by Dame Evelyn Glennie was not for the faint hearted. The pieces were created and performed with the aim of their audience engaging in a full listening experience. Glennie’s artistry on the wide range of percussion instruments was sparkling as was the piano work by Philip Smith who has been the regular pianist for Dame Evelyn for two … Read More