Poor Me!

At the beginning of the week I accidentally cut my first finger on my right hand on the sharp edge of a tin lid that I had foolishly left in the washing up bowl. I have been amazed at how such a tiny cut has become so debilitating. So many things we take for granted are suddenly made much more … Read More

Suitcase to Suitcase

Just in case anyone is thinking that I lead a glamorous life let me describe it as it really is! Last Friday I returned around lunchtime to my home in Cambridgeshire from performing with Maria Rud, Philip Sheppard and Canty at the National Museum of Scotland. We collaborated on a brand new project titled AniMotion which combined art with music. … Read More

Poetry in Motion

East is east and west is west – so that say and next week I will be heading Eastward to perform in Peking with the Nürnberger Symphoniker as part of the Festival of Beijing. For me the colours in China represent a poetic feast for the eyes. Each time I visit I feel the vibration of colours surrounding me and I … Read More

PB… What’s Yours?

During the London 2012 Olympics and Para Olympics the term PB (or personal best) was raised and talked about constantly. In the quiet early light of day as I head for New York I begin to wonder what this means to us as individuals. My life has been full of firsts, most notably I am the first person to create … Read More

The (not so blue) Danube

I recently visited the beautiful city of Linz in Austria to give a motivational speech on for delegates attending the ICCHP conference. Whilst I enjoyed my supper one evening on the terrace overlooking the famous Danube River I reflected on the fact that due to heavy rain the river was flowing very fast and looked decidedly muddy and brown, not … Read More

How do I Look Today?

I have been watching an article on BBC 1 this morning stating that girls as young as 11 are so conscious of their looks they are posting airbrushed images of themselves on their own Twitter and Facebook accounts. The apparent cause for this unnatural behaviour is the media, fashion magazines and social networking sites which make youngsters feel they are … Read More


I am off today to perform with the Singapore Chinese Orchestra at the Concert Hall in Singapore. I have been back and forth to Asia for several trips over the years and it is always exciting. On this occasion I will be performing Yiu-Kwong Chung’s Concerto for Percussion and Traditional Chinese Orchestra and “The Sun” from The New Millennium of the … Read More

Shadow Behind the Iron Sounds

I recorded a CD titled Shadow Behind the Iron Sun in 2004. The recording was totally improvised which gave me the freedom to create onto a blank canvas. Improvisation can be liberating and exciting but it can also be frightening at the same time because I am never sure where the inspiration is directly coming from. For me improvisation is … Read More

Where have all the emails gone?

Once again I am standing in airport queue waiting for hours to be ‘processed’ and assessed for security risks. As I stand slightly shifting from leg to leg to avoid getting too stiff from inactivity, all kinds of thoughts begin to go through my mind. Is there an art of queueing? Are certain nations better at queueing than others? Is … Read More

I have seen and touched the sound

As I walk a gravel pathway or across a wooden bridge the crunchy sound of stones and the boots on the wooden planks vibrate up through my body. It makes me wonder if you are feeling and touching sound or are you in too much of a hurry? Feeling and touching sound is my domain. Because of my profound deafness my … Read More