The Core-tet Project | CD Reviews

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“A summit of acoustic maestros (in this case – just for the aliens – percussion, guitar, viola and piano in order of name) implies a high probability of getting infected by the much dreaded “Friday Night In San Francisco” virus, its main effect being the dullness deriving from a surplus of sterile instrumental periphrases. We’re glad to report that The Core-tet … Read More

One Day Band 17 Trestle Records | Reviews

Roly Porter and Evelyn Glennie

Trestle Records invited Evelyn to join a One Day Band with Roly Porter. The two came together at Holy Mountain studios in Hackney, East London. Trestle Record’s One Day Band series encourages musicians to improvise and compose a record in just one day. Often, musicians have had no musical experience together before, and are playing together for the very first … Read More

Dreamachine by Michael Daugherty CD | Reviews

Michael Daughterty Dreamachine CD

A selection of reviews on Dreamachine by Michael Daugherty. The CD is now available to purchase here  Dreamachine by Michael Daugherty CD review by James Manheim| Read full review here  “…success may be due to the presence of Dame Evelyn Glennie in the 2014 percussion concerto Dreamachine; Glennie is not quite the presence on recordings that she was in her … Read More

Out of the Silence by John McLeod CD | Reviews

out of the silence CD

The Out of the Silence CD is now available to purchase in our shop here Out of the Silence by John McLeod review by Ken Walton : TheScotsMan | Read full review here  “The most recent piece on this disc dedicated entirely to the Edinburgh-based composer is the title track, Out of the Silence, which in turn celebrates the macho, … Read More

“The Core-tet Project” CD | Review: Downtown Music Gallery

Core-Tet CD Artwork Cover

[…] It is pretty rare for the Naxos label to present a release of completely improvised music but this is what we have here. When I saw this disc listed in our new release catalogue I was rather surprised, but not too much. Dame Evelyn Glennie, world renowned percussionist, does have a CD and DVD with master improviser Fred Frith, amongst … Read More