Evelyn Glennie and Sioux City Symphony Orchestra | Reviews

Evelyn Glennie playing the marimba with two mallets

Evelyn Glennie & Sioux City Symphony Orchestra | Bruce Miller “Glennie spiced it up with a forceful approach to each percussive invention. The marimba was the appetizer, bringing the audience to the table. A spread of instruments (including a triangle, a ratchet, maracas and tambourines) became a palate cleanser before a vibraphone main course and a snare drum dessert were … Read More

Aachen “Last Night” Concert | Reviews

Evelyn and Tim after a concert in Aachen, Germany.

“Aachen. The silvery long hair falls like a veil over her face. Evelyn Glennie has gently knelt on the floor, picking up two chopsticks with the movements of an archaic priestess and stroking short tubes – krrrack, krrrrack. The sound is painful and unexpected, the audience listens. The British percussionist (54), ruler of about 1500 percussion instruments, showered with honorary … Read More

Concert With Singapore Chinese Orchestra | Reviews

Birthday Message for Evelyn Glennie

Concert With Singapore Chinese Orchestra by The Straits Times | Read Full Review Here “Glennie took centre stage in Japanese marimba virtuoso Keiko Abe’s Prism Rhapsody, a true dialogue between orchestra and marimba. Melodic interest was strong and Glennie’s marimba ranged from loud booms from low keys to the ethereal heights of treble registers….The final work, Kuan Nai-chung’s The Sun … Read More

One Day Band 17 Trestle Records | Reviews

Roly Porter and Evelyn Glennie

Trestle Records invited Evelyn to join a One Day Band with Roly Porter. The two came together at Holy Mountain studios in Hackney, East London. Trestle Record’s One Day Band series encourages musicians to improvise and compose a record in just one day. Often, musicians have had no musical experience together before, and are playing together for the very first … Read More