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A collection of RSC Troilus & Cressida theatre reviews. Evelyn is happy to announce the release of the CD recording of her score for the Royal Shakespeare Company’s Troilus and Cressida, directed by Gregory Doran. This was made at the Varda Studio for the RSC’s own label. The recording also includes selected speeches from the play and music by Humphrey Searle from the RSC’s 1960 production, directed by John Barton. The CD can now be purchased here

RSC Troilus & Cressida Review by Gill Sutherland | Read full review here

“Composer Evelyn Glennie’s incredibly atmospheric soundscapes – from clattering drums to high-pitched metallic scrapings – puts the nerves on edge and turns up the heat on the action; also assisted by the lighting, which is as rich and golden as a balmy evening on Santorini…”

RSC Troilus & Cressida Review by Ruth Millington | Read full review here 

“From the very start, Evelyn Glennie’s discordant score takes charge. Her soundscape is integral to the tale, with thumping percussion introducing characters, and vibrating through the audience. It’s immersive and the whole set becomes a part of the metallic sound-world, with musicians and instruments on stage and embedded in the set. Even the chandelier of rusting copper moves and makes unsettling sounds…”

RSC Troilus & Cressida Review by Fiona Mountford Evening Standard | Read full review here

“There’s a lot to listen to and look at. Composer Evelyn Glennie offers a shimmering wall of percussive noise; it’s an impressive din..”

RSC Troilus & Cressida Review by Marion Brennan| Read full review here

“The story, steeped in history, is given a futuristic edge, set in a dystopian landscape of rusting metal objects, menacing Jedi knight figures and the odd punk or two, with the clanking, crashing, thrilling ‘percussion buffet’ of composer Evelyn Glennie’s soundscape…”

RSC Troilus & Cressida Review by Louis Train : BWW| Read full review here

“The sounds of this world are cacophonous, wooden drums and metal things and new instruments purpose-made for the show by percussionist Evelyn Glennie, who, one hopes, keeps her devices under lock and key at night lest they go out on their own and cause havoc…”

RSC Troilus & Cressida Review by Catherine Vonledebur : WhatsOnStage | Read full review here 

“The Scottish virtuoso percussionist Evelyn Glennie has composed her first ever theatre score and it is so phenomenally good you can feel every beat – be it a tank drum, vibraphone or an oil can, “the rhythm of war” is almost deafening at times…”

Troilus and Cressida at the RSC by Noel Megahey : TheDigitalFix | Read full review here 

“Evelyn Glennie’s dissonant percussive-heavy score on created instruments almost like latter-day Scott Walker, the violence clashing with the lives of the characters. If there are any doubts about the consistency of tone this very much helps tie it together…”

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