Resonance – our brand new jewellery collection

We are happy to announce a new addition to our shop, one that we couldn’t be more proud of – the Resonance collection. How did this collection come to be, you may ask? Well, as you know, having lost most of her hearing at eight years old, Evelyn embarked on a unique journey to discover how to listen again. She has developed a method of using her body as a resonating chamber which has provided her with new ways of experiencing and perceiving sound.
It was while seeking to visually interpret this process that the idea to create this unique line of jewellery was born, a concept that Filipa Malho, a Portuguese designer, has passionately embraced and, in close collaboration with Evelyn, designed a collection of nine bespoke and individually handmade pieces where design, movement and sometimes sound, refer to resonance, offering an experience not only visual but tactile.
Resonance is a new range of jewellery that will have a page of its own, where we will be adding information, photos and videos that will definitely bring it to life! This is where we will include images of the two exclusive necklaces that Evelyn revealed earlier this year at the Polar Music Prize. Keep an eye out, here.

Find the collection on our Shop and, if you would like to also take a look at the ‘Behind the Scenes at the Resonance Launch’, look here.

Image: © FIlipe Santos

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