‘Percussion Concerto’ with Bremer Philharmoniker | Europe Review: Weser Kurier

Instead of Vienna Waltzes and marches the Bremen Philharmoniker presented a wonderful programme alla Havana & Buenos Aries flair for their New Year’s concerts 2016 in the sold out concert hall at the Glocke concert hall in Bremen.

After a wonderful introduction from the orchestra under the direction of Marko Letonja the start of the concert with George Gershwins “Cuban Overture” it was evidently clear the orchestra was in a Latin- American mood as indeed if they had never performed anything else.

After the orchestra introduction, Evelyn Glennie, the Scottish percussionist, entered the stage.
What an impact – possibly the appearance of Dame Evelyn Glennie with her long- flowing hair might suggest a harpist would appear but this was most certainly not the case!

Her genre is percussion instruments. When she entered the stage it was indeed enlarged to accommodate the instruments for what would follow. The Percussion Concerto from Jennifer Higdon & Orchestra.
The Bremen Philhamonker rhythm section responded wonderfully as Dame Evelyn started to play- based on four stage positions as the instruments demanded- suddenly a hurricane- then calm as Evelyn Glennie passed from one part of the stage to the next- in one position Xylophone, next position Marimba, then drums and various percussion instruments and sounds which only Dame Evelyn could possibly make resound!

The fabulous exciting Drum Solo was simply phenomenal. Here this great artist displayed every aspect of her artistry from delicate caress of the instrument to wild swirling tremolos and stem -hammer hard blows!

The ecstatic audience, were rewarded by this exceptional artist with an encore sensitively performed on the Xylophone.

Bremen Philharmonic Orchestra
Conductor: Marko Letonja
Die Glocke Das Bremer Konzerthaus, Bremen, Germany
10, 11 & 12 January 2016

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