Keynote speech for the 2014 British Composer Awards

Last night I was invited by the Artistic Directors of the British Composer Awards, Julia Haferkorn and Ed McKeon, to give a keynote speech at the 2014 BASCA-hosted event. I didn’t expect the sheer amount of creativity that filled the room. It was a privilege to be able to experience the broad scope of sound exploration amongst contemporary composers of … Read More

Celebrating Half a Century

With 2015 fast approaching, Evelyn Glennie gives us a glimpse of one of her projects. A calendar that features a selection of her instrument collection. Here’s a short interview to let you know a little more about it. Why a calendar? How did you come up with the idea? Why 2015? A good quality calendar is something to cherish, not … Read More

What Does the Future Hold?

Today I had to make a difficult decision. I was recently invited to work in Russia at the request of a valued promoter. Due to the current political climate between Russia and Ukraine, I felt I had to decline. I’m left wondering what the future holds for the arts on an international stage. Looking at our twenty-first century world, I … Read More

Printed Literature

Printed Publications Evelyn's written work comes in many forms. Her personal thoughts are published on this website as essays and blog posts. In addition, Evelyn has written for printed publications, which includes her own autobiography and a growing number of contributions to books by a range of authors. Below you can browse through a reference list of Evelyn's written work for printed publication, ... Read More


About EvelynWelcome to the website of virtuoso solo percussionist Dame Evelyn Glennie, CH. Evelyn travels the globe, playing and recording with the world’s finest orchestras and ensembles. She is notably recognized as the first musician to maintain a full-time career as a solo percussionist. Evelyn is also deaf and has, with the aid of her first percussion teacher, honed her ... Read More


  Evelyn Glennie Archive  Welcome to the Evelyn Glennie Archive - the world's most comprehensive source of historical information about Evelyn and her career. The information here is divided into categories, which you can scroll through below. Find out about the music Evelyn has commissioned and the concertos she has played in the performing career section. In the recording career section we've provided lists of ... Read More


PR & Marketing Co-Ordinator job vacancy Find out more NEWS We're recruiting Music for Dressage with Audiovisability & Laurentia Tan. Announcing a new documentary - 'Love is Listening - Dementia without Loneliness' RSC Troilus & Cressida Music and Speeches CD release! var htmlDiv = document.getElementById("rs-plugin-settings-inline-css"); var htmlDivCss=""; if(htmlDiv) { htmlDiv.innerHTML = htmlDiv.innerHTML + htmlDivCss; }else{ var htmlDiv = document.createElement("div"); htmlDiv.innerHTML ... Read More

Joan Tower: ‘Strike Zones’ | Review:

The piece, Joan Tower’s “Strike Zones,” was masterfully written and brilliantly performed.  Most captivating were a couple of solos by Glennie (cadenzas if you will).  The first was a virtuoso display on the high hat cymbals.  Later came a powerful and complex build up on the drums. The ever graceful Glennie wasn’t the only percussionist actually.  Toward the end of … Read More

Don’t Cry for Me

There are some experiences in life that nothing can prepare you for. No amount of reading, watching or studying will create a sense of anticipation or understanding of what you are about to encounter. Back in December 2010, together with 22 other people I climbed a mountain. Some of us were from the UK, some from Africa, and some were disabled; … Read More