NEW book release ‘Listen World!’

Listen World! Book

Evelyn is proud to announce the release of her new bookListen World!’

This book is an invitation to tap into the wonders of listening, what that means to you and everything you engage in. What happens when you engage with the chatter in your head? When you travel to school and college. Is listening only about sound or can our whole body be a resonating chamber? Is listening about observing?

How can we begin to enhance our relationship to ‘listening’ and how can it influence all the decisions you make from minute to minute?

My experience is that listening is an activity that never sleeps… even when we are asleep we continue to listen! What an opportunity we have to re-engage, rethink, revisit our everyday lives to make what we do much more vivid and meaningful, and as a result, feel part of the wonders of the world?

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