More Than Simply Drums & Cymbals…

Front Cover of 'More Than Simply Drums & Cymbals', subtitle 'A meander through The Evelyn Glennie Collection'

The wonderful Volunteer team for The Evelyn Glennie Collection have been working incredibly hard to bring this booklet together and we are delighted to be able to share it with you now. ‘More Than Simply Drums & Cymbals‘ takes you on a journey through the extraordinary assortment of artefacts which form The Evelyn Glennie Collection, and charts the introduction and subsequent development of percussion as a solo instrument across the globe.

All proceeds from the sale of this booklet go to The Evelyn Glennie Foundation, a charity whose mission is to “Teach the World to Listen”.

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A 52 page booklet can, of course, only hope to scratch the surface and show a small selection of the thousands of treasures held in this  forever-expanding collection, which has an appeal to all ages and can be accessed and utilised for research purposes.

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