Evelyn Glennie is a musician and also an international company consisting of a dedicated team. We support the many strands of Evelyn’s work, from managing engagements to sharing her multi-faceted brand of music, advocacy and education with diverse partners and audiences.

We are an international company built on the talents and experience of Evelyn Glennie, who was the first person in history to create and successfully sustain a full-time career as a solo percussionist. Throughout the years the company has expanded its market by providing written music, essays, motivational speeches, masterclasses, designer jewellery and other merchandise.

Our Vision and Mission…

Our vision is a society where communication and social cohesion are improved by the act of listening.

  Our mission is to improve communication and social cohesion by encouraging everyone to discover new ways of listening. We want to inspire, to create, to engage and to empower.  

What do we want to achieve?

In supporting Evelyn’s multifaceted work we aim to ‘Teach the World to Listen’ through profound musical, educational and charitable/social experiences…

How do we plan to do that?

We aim to use the tools of performance, advocacy, consultancy and education to inspire active, receptive listening, both to ourselves and others.

Who are we doing it for?

Everyone. Our work is for people today and for future generations, locally and internationally.

What is our future?

A centre that brings together the different elements of Evelyn Glennie’s legacy and embodies our values and the vision we wish to share.  We want to offer all people access to experiences and perspectives, offered by a host of experts, enabling us to ‘Teach the World to Listen.’

Silent = Enlist = Listen

Having lost most of her hearing at eight years old, Evelyn Glennie embarked on a unique journey to discover how to listen again. She has developed a method of using her body as a resonating chamber, which has provided her with new ways of experiencing and perceiving sound. In today’s society listening is undervalued, which leads to poor communication. Evelyn’s unique insight shows us that listening is about more than just hearing; it is about engaging, empowering, inspiring and creating bonds. True listening is a holistic act.

Head Image: © Richard Eccleston
Foot Image: © Philipp Rathmer/Brigitte