Meet the Dame

Photo © Ian MacMichael

A unique bespoke listening opportunity with Evelyn

As she guides you through the extensive instrument and artefact Collection, Evelyn will immerse you in her world of extraordinary soundscapes. A central part of this hour-long experience is the informal conversation instigated by Evelyn. Through listening to you, she will make the occasion truly special.

Arriving at the office of Evelyn Glennie in Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire, UK your group of up to six people will be welcomed with a complimentary glass of something fizzy as you are introduced to Evelyn. Continuing your visit, you will be taken on a tour of instruments from around the globe and be shown a variety of artefacts from her career. Highlights include the Glennie Concert Aluphone used at the London 2012 Olympic opening ceremony, the largest Timpani in the world, and a specially commissioned Javanese Gamelan. The visit concludes with an invitation for you to strike the 5 foot Tam Tam.

To arrange a date for your Meet the Dame visit please contact our office. We will discuss together how we can make this bespoke occasion resonate with you.

Price: £600 for up to six people

The monies raised from all Meet the Dame visits will be used to help secure the longevity and accessibility of The Evelyn Glennie Collection.

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