Making Composition Accessible to Everyone

We have a new product in our shop, one that we are very proud of. Compose Yourself is a fantastic game that already has both children and adults excited. Created by Philip Sheppard and featuring Evelyn Glennie on marimba, Compose Yourself is a tool for learning composition that can help at a time when musical education is facing problems.

In the words of Evelyn Glennie, “I always found music to be a great vehicle for creativity in the same way maths is for reasoning or languages are for communication. A good music education and creative learning can benefit everyone. We just need to make sure we provide the right tools. Compose Yourself engages users in a fun, creative process that doubles as a fantastic learning experience. Creative learning is a crucial form of cognitive development that traditional academic subjects struggle to provide.”

Compose Yourself, combines musical cards and an exclusive website into a multi-sensory experience that has anyone creating, playing and sharing a world-class composition in minutes. Flip, rotate, arrange and re-order 60 transparent Music Cards to create an interesting pattern.

Enter the card codes on the website and instantly hear it played by Evelyn Glennie and a full symphony orchestra, recorded at historic Abbey Road Studios. You also get an mp3 audio file and sheet music to share. With more than a billion possible musical combinations, Compose Yourself never gets boring.

Anyone, whether they consider themselves ‘non-musical’ or they are learning instruments, can take this game and experience the joy of composition. The simplicity of the game strips away the perception that composition is complex and opens everyone’s ears to a musical education.

For Evelyn, “Compose Yourself is a great opportunity for tactile, multimedia and creative engagement. It is also open for anyone to use, whatever their age, background or existing musical knowledge.  I like it so much that I have already gifted several!”

If you would like to know more, take a look at the story behind Compose Yourself:

Image: © ThinkFun