Limited Edition 2015 Calendar now Half Price

Now that 2015 is officially here we’ve drastically reduced the price of Evelyn Glennie’s limited edition calendar. It can now be yours for half the original price!

Last November Evelyn announced the first of many projects that will mark 2015 as a special celebration year. Leading the festivities, was the Evelyn’s exclusive Calendar features selections from her vast instrument collection, beautifully rendered in specially commissioned photographs.

Having hand-picked every an instrument for each month, Evelyn’s calendar is truly personal, filled with mementos and curiosities that allow her to reflect on her life as much as she looks forward to the future. The calendar opens with her first ever snare drum, and goes on to feature the Aluphone and a many other fascinating instruments. There are personal messages from Evelyn too; “within every page of the calendar you will find a brief story about the instrument displayed and what it means to me. This is the result of a very intimate processes, one that I am now sharing with you. A little journey within my life’s journey”.

You can find out more about the calendar on Evelyn’s blog and you can purchase the calendar from our online shop.

Image: © Ian MacMichael

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