Let’s get moving!

children sitting

Many of us like to move to the music. It could be just tapping our feet or hands or we may feel like get our whole body involved.

Encouraging children to move with music or to react physically to a soundscape reveals a lot about the child. It’s a very healthy activity to do on many levels and can be a totally shared experience. Therefore, a child does not have to worry about being isolated or judged. Physical movements can be like a conversation in that they flow from one person to another or they can all be unison. Again, improvisation is key whilst valuing all ideas.

Music and sound creation allows children to express themselves in many different ways – some may like to express themselves verbally, others physically, others through artwork and others through invention. Music is an open door of discovery and expression.

I have loved seeing children react to a piece by Stockhausen for solo percussion and how they may relate parts of it to the family lawnmower or a fast ragtime piece on the xylophone to skittish insects! Their responses really help in giving me ideas for future interpretations.

So, my inspiration can come from children!

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