John Corigliano: ‘The Conjurer’ | North America Review: San Antonio Express-News

In perhaps the most unusual piece of the season, percussionist Evelyn Glennie performed John Corigliano’s “Conjurer: Concerto for Percussion” on an array of instruments crossing the entire length of the stage.

By one count, Glennie played 33 instruments, or types of instruments, some in multiples and often more than one at a time.


Although the strings-only orchestra came in an out with eerie background music, this was a composition to appreciate textures, rhythms and sudden volume changes, along with visual spectre of Glennie stage movements. Melody wasn’t absent. A lovely, solemn one appeared in the “metal” movement. Glennie’s performance was musicianship and artistry of the highest order.

San Antonio Symphony Orchestra
Conductor: Steven Sloane
Tobin Performing Arts Center, San Antonio
1 & 2 May 2015

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