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Birthday Message for Evelyn Glennie
Concert With Singapore Chinese Orchestra by The Straits Times | Read Full Review Here

“Glennie took centre stage in Japanese marimba virtuoso Keiko Abe’s Prism Rhapsody, a true dialogue between orchestra and marimba. Melodic interest was strong and Glennie’s marimba ranged from loud booms from low keys to the ethereal heights of treble registers….The final work, Kuan Nai-chung’s The Sun from The New Millennium Of The Dragon Year, united Glennie with the Gaos, manning pitched percussion (marimba and timpanis) and unpitched percussion (drums, cymbals and the rest). Placed on opposite sides of the stage with the orchestra in between, this was not a pitched battle but a glorious meeting of minds, ending this invigorating concert on a high.”

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