Mark Knopfler and Evelyn Glennie Altamira Soundtrack | Review: Short and Sweet NYC

The main themes here are gorgeous and the acoustic guitar playing is about as top-notch as you’d expect, considering it is Mark Knopfler playing guitar and composing. The percussion background is expert, whether it’s spooky metallic churning replicating bison, or trilly xylophone all from Evelyn Glennie. This 10-song, lush landscape soundtrack from Knopfler and Glennie for the movie of the … Read More

Jill Jarman: Mindstream | UK Review: The Arts Desk

As soloist, he [Hugo Ticciati] had no fear of comparisons here with the ever-phenomenal Evelyn Glennie. Those passages in Jill Jarman’s Mindstream where the violin sparred with marimba and vibraphone ricochets felt like white-heat improvisation – we could have done with even more of that between the two. Improvisation there was, for all the strings glissan doing into what sounded … Read More

In Conversation at the Cambridge Corn Exchange | Review: Cambridge News

As part of the 2015-16 Cambridge Classical Concert Series, renowned percussionist Dame Evelyn Glennie entertained an enthralled audience in the Corn Exchange in Cambridge last night. Accompanied by Philip Smith on piano she performed a number of varied pieces and in between was interviewed by well-known radio presenter, journalist and author Libby Purves. Evelyn exuded such enthusiasm, talent and intuitive … Read More

Michael Daugherty: “Dreamachine” | Review: Times Union

The biggest drama of the night came with the return of soloist Evelyn Glennie to perform Michael Daugherty’s percussion concerto “Dreamachine.” By now, Daugherty’s music is familiar, yet it remains charming and explosive. Think of turning the pages in a favorite action hero comic book series. The flow of panels offers a pleasing balance of dark shadows and lively colors. … Read More

‘Percussion Concerto’ with Bremer Philharmoniker | Europe Review: Weser Kurier

Instead of Vienna Waltzes and marches the Bremen Philharmoniker presented a wonderful programme alla Havana & Buenos Aries flair for their New Year’s concerts 2016 in the sold out concert hall at the Glocke concert hall in Bremen. After a wonderful introduction from the orchestra under the direction of Marko Letonja the start of the concert with George Gershwins “Cuban … Read More

5|0 Triple Bill: ‘Wide Awakening’| UK Review: The Stage

Joss Arnott Dance: 5|0 review at Artsdepot, London – ‘sharply executed triple bill’ In celebration of the company’s 5th birthday and Evelyn Glennie’s 50th, Joss Arnott Dance have taken on tour a new triple bill, 5|0. Danced by his trademark all-female cast, Arnott continues his reputation for creating high-octane choreography with an athletic, punchy style. The highlight of the bill … Read More

5|0 Triple Bill: ‘Wide Awakening’| UK Review: The Big Issue

To mark the troupe’s fifth birthday and Dame Evelyn Glennie’s fiftieth, “Wide Awakening” is a unique collaboration between the virtuoso percussionist and Joss Arnott Dance. Returning after the interval to see Dame Evelyn’s equipment laid out at the distant rear of the stage, one wonders how much of her presence will be felt or seen during the performance. Like a … Read More

Vincent Ho: ‘The Shaman’ | Asia Review: The Straits Times

The concert’s second half was devoted to Canadian-Chinese composer Vincent Ho’s The Shaman (2011), the percussion concerto that starred Glennie. Sporting waist-long silver locks, she looked the part of its eponymous title as she gracefully glided through her battery of percussion. Its three connected movements were a veritable playground for the barefoot virtuosa, with unpitched percussion (drums, cymbals, bowls and … Read More

AniMotion Show: Edinburgh | UK Review: WOW24/7

AniMotion takes the art of video mapping on to buildings to a whole new level. […] This imaginative collaboration between Russian painter Maria Rud, the internationally acclaimed percussionist Evelyn Glennie and projection artist Ross Ashton transforms the walls of the former hospital into a canvas for real-time animation. The spacious quad allows the audience to stroll around and observe the … Read More

Recital: BBC Proms Chamber Music 2015 |UK Review: Daily Telegraph

Entering Cadogan Hall for Evelyn Glennie’s performance, audience members were offered earplugs. This playfully reinforced a stereotype: percussion instruments are all noise, incapable of the subtlety that should be left to more traditional melodic instruments. Think again. In a concert to celebrate her 50th birthday, Dame Evelyn Glennie demonstrated the expressive range of various percussion instruments, one of which had … Read More