What’s Your Immediate World?

I recently gave an interview to Mark Mann for ARTINFO via the telephone using an interlocutor and some of the questions we discussed gave me food for thought which I would like to put to you… In respect of my worldwide travel Mark was interested in knowing how I maintain practise and did I have any routines to keep myself … Read More

Deeply Honoured

Every so often I am deeply moved to receive the most poignant and beautiful comments from friends, colleagues and supporters. The below, composed by Rachel, Tennant, is one of those and I am honoured and delighted to share it with you. Evelyn Embraced by obscure objects of musical desire you are a minuet, arms held high ready to dive into … Read More

Are you coming from the heart?

Since I began learning and playing percussion, and indeed piano and clarinet, there has been a fascination about how I can possibly accomplish these things with a severe hearing loss impairment. In the early years it was inconceivable that I would be able to participate, let alone carve a new career as a solo percussionist. Over the years I have … Read More

Poor Me!

At the beginning of the week I accidentally cut my first finger on my right hand on the sharp edge of a tin lid that I had foolishly left in the washing up bowl. I have been amazed at how such a tiny cut has become so debilitating. So many things we take for granted are suddenly made much more … Read More

Talking Heads

Two snare drums having a chat in a sunny auditorium. The little one said “I really like this room. It is nice and bright.” The big one said “Might be OK now, but later on you’ll get your head bashed!” Please follow and like us:

When Michael met Kai…

Last week  I met with Kai Steensgard and Michael Hansen. They are a dynamic duo who have created and built the Aluphone I used to perform the beautiful Caliban’s Dream to accompany the lighting of the flame at the London 2012 Olympics opening ceremony. The instrument was conceived when Kai and Michael met at a trade fair. They got together following a friendly … Read More

‘Fusional Fragments’ and the Pied Piper

When I first discussed the idea of percussion and dance I was not completely sure how this would work out. Me in a tutu? Maybe not! However my subsequent meetings with Marc Brew filled me with excitement about this brand new project. Marc’s dancers have been extremely responsive to having me on stage and in amongst them with my instruments. My … Read More

Suitcase to Suitcase

Just in case anyone is thinking that I lead a glamorous life let me describe it as it really is! Last Friday I returned around lunchtime to my home in Cambridgeshire from performing with Maria Rud, Philip Sheppard and Canty at the National Museum of Scotland. We  collaborated on a brand new project titled AniMotion which combined art with music. … Read More

Poetry in Motion

East is east and west is west – so that say and next week I will be heading Eastward to perform in Peking with the Nürnberger Symphoniker as part of the Festival of Beijing. For me the colours in China represent a poetic feast for the eyes. Each time I visit I feel the vibration of colours surrounding me and I … Read More

PB… What’s Yours?

During the London 2012 Olympics and Para Olympics the term PB (or personal best) was raised and talked about constantly. In the quiet early light of day as I head for New York I begin to wonder what this means to us as individuals. My life has been full of firsts, most notably I am the first person to create … Read More