Be Sound Creators!


I love creating sounds using my body and voice. This is what we call Body and Voice Percussion. What sounds can be explored using:

• Hands! How many different clapping sounds can be made?

• Feet! How many different sounds can be made using the feet by stomping, tip-toing, with shoes, without shoes?

• Voice! Vowel sounds, consonants, laughter, whispers?

Again, this activity really encourages improvisation and active listening as well as sharing and linking sounds. Voice sounds also helps with speech development.

Exploring found sounds is something I do all the time! I have played my kitchen, garage and my brother’s farm! Gather some leaves and crunch them together or get some marbles and swoosh them around a biscuit tin or fill a bowl of water and dip pots and pans in it to see how the sound changes. There is no end of exploration when it comes to found sounds.

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