Announcing a new documentary – ‘Love is Listening – Dementia without Loneliness’

Evelyn and Michael Verde from Memory Bridge

‘Love is Listening’

Evelyn is proud to announce the screening of a new documentary about Dementia: ‘Love is Listening – Dementia without Loneliness’ on December 5th at St Christopher’s Hospice, London. The film is the product of a long-term collaboration between Evelyn and The Foundation for Alzheimer’s and Cultural Memory (Memory Bridge) and the charity’s founder, Michael Verde.

Love is Listening challenges us to see Dementia from a new perspective and traces Evelyn’s experience of ‘being with’ people living with Dementia at two care homes in Bromley and working intuitively, using musical instruments as a communication tool. Memory Bridge educates care givers to empathically ‘be with’ people with Dementia and to explore more effective ways of communicating.

   “It was a hugely humbling experience meeting individuals living with the challenge of dementia. If there was ever a lesson on listening, it was given to me by each and every resident I met at the homes.”

 “I felt an extra dimension to my playing as a musician following my opportunity and time with the residents. They taught me so much about being in the moment and the subtleties of their precious existence. Nothing was taken for granted.”

The public screening forms part of a day of events at St Christopher’s Hospice, London, including a conference for the community of practice surrounding Dementia, facilitated by Dementia UK and Hospice UK.

To book tickets for the public screening of this relevant new film, please see the St Christopher’s website:

A private screening will be held on the evening of the 5th for invited guests.

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