Anniversary Concert with Bridge Chamber Orchestra | Europe Review: Berner Zeitung |

[…] Evelyn joined the ensemble to celebrate the piccolo concerto C major by Antonio Vivaldi in an arrangement for vibraphone and string orchestra.

[…] The baroque, playful sound sequences whirred, foamed and rattled, then again sounded as soft as the wing beat of a butterfly. Glennie sometimes strokes the metal plates of the percussion instrument and creates a sound experience of rarely heard grace.

Rhapsody as a climax

The Rhapsody of the contemporary Japanese composer Takayoshi Yoshioka for Marimba, Flute, Clarinet, Contrabass and Drums was the highlight of the evening. Together with the experienced and virtuosic percussionist, the young side solos mastered the work on the same level, a stirring interpretation full of daring to jazzy passages. The audience was simply enthusiastic, some applauded enthusiastically with high-raised shaking hands – a bow to the almost deaf artist, whose impairment was never felt. […]

Kultur- und Kongresszentrum Thun, Switzerland

02 July 2017

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