A Glimpse Into Evelyn’s Life

It has been quite a feat putting Evelyn’s Timeline together, considering all the achievements we had to choose from, but in the end we believe we’ve managed to find a nice balance between accomplishments and interesting facts about Evelyn. And (pardon the lack of modesty) it’s great to look at, with a fine selection of photos from the archives. We think of it as Evelyn’s scrap book – a real nostalgic wander down memory lane. Who doesn’t like looking through old photos and seeing how people have changed over the years?

Some of you may remember we used to have a list of 100 interesting facts about Evelyn. Well, this timeline was the best way we could think of bringing new life to what seemed like a never-ending list! We took it upon ourselves to freshen-up the information and enliven it visually. Of course, the timeline is only a glimpse of Evelyn’s life so far; let’s raise our glasses to another 50 years!

Image: © Martin Keene/PA Wire