2015: A Celebration Year

“2015 is the year of my 50th birthday. Half a century… can you believe that? I have never been one to celebrate birthdays but this time is different: I will also be marking 30 years since being a fully fledged professional musician.”

With so much to celebrate, Evelyn is putting together several surprises, which will be unveiled throughout the year. The first of those surprises was her limited edition 2015 calendar, which features a selection of her instrument collection. The calendar was launched back in November  – a teaser for the year to come – and is still available to buy at our online shop at a reduced price.

The second surprise is this new website, something that we’ve been working on for a while now. We wanted to make it more dynamic, intuitive and visually stimulating than the previous one and we’re quite happy about the way it turned out. You can find out more about the changes we’ve made here.

Evelyn will also be launching a new jewellery line that she can’t wait to start using herself. Inspired by resonance, this new line has all of us very excited! We’re looking forward to sharing it with you and having your feedback.

Keep an eye out for more news as we venture on through 2015. We have many more exciting projects and surprises to share as the year unfolds!

Image: Joey Gannon (licence: CC BY-SA 2.0)