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Homely Remedies


What does the future hold?

Image: Old House 4 on FlickrToday I had to make a difficult decision. I was recently invited to work in Russia at the request of a valued promoter. Due to the current political climate between Russia and Ukraine, I felt I had to decline. I’m left wondering what the future holds for the arts on an in...

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CURRENT NEWS Show archived

When the Arts hold hands we have AniMotion

Once again Evelyn had the pleasure to collaborate with artist Maria Rudd in another spellbinding combination of art and music. The most recent AniMotion Show took place on the 9th of September in Evelyn’s hometown, Aberdeen, which provided endless inspiration.


The event was part of the city's 50+ Family Festival, with AniMotion's trademark projection-mapping transforming Marischal College, the second largest granite building in the world (after the Escudo Palace in Madrid) into a true visual spectacle. Evelyn filled the college's quadrangle with an eclectic, dynamic palette of music, perfectly matching Maria's evolving imagery. A truly spectacular evening! And who could ask for a better setting?

<iframe width="340" height="315" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/5SdU3Himvu0?list=UUuJ7z4D7hDRc8Njzbm8Ydfg" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

The AniMotion Show was first launched in 2012 in partnership with the National Museum of Scotland and has since been performed several times around the UK.

The Invisible Made Visible

Evelyn's collaborative exploration of Big Data and what it means to us today can now be seen in its full glory. After weeks of teasers the final short film, in which Evelyn and Oracle's Paul Sonderegger demystify Big Data, has today gone live! 


Limited Edition Piano Music by Evelyn Glennie

Perpetual Motion is a collection of 10 evocative pieces for young pianists to explore and enjoy. Each piece focusses on a particular technical requirement while also telling a little sound story. The piano has been an important part of Evelyn's development as a musician so this edition means a lot to her.

Suitable for players of approximately grade 3-5 level.

Limited edition signed copies are available exclusively from the Evelyn Glennie Store.


Trailers for Upcoming Short Film Featuring Evelyn and the Big Data Phenomenon

Evelyn has been meeting with Paul Sonderegger - a Big Data specialist - to discuss the role Big Data plays in our lives and our society. They will both feature in a short internet film that aims to illustrate the impact of Big Data through the analogy of sound. The film will be hitting the internet on 1 July. In the meantime you can watch two trailers below.

The project has been backed by Oracle and Intel and is going public through thebizcouch platform. Evelyn is thrilled to be able to work with the best in the industry on a project that affects each and every one of us!